Sunday, May 31, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Pravda Mocks America's March to Marxism

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Outrage: American Indian-Run Charter Schools Indoctrinate Students in Bizarre, Out-of-the-Mainstream Ideologies and Discredited Theories: Ace
Chrysler, GM CEOs Summoned To Washington To Testify On Dealership Closures: Autospies


Billionaires Agree on Plan to Rid Earth of a Billion People: TAB
Israel to U.S.: 'Stop favoring Palestinians' : Haaretz
Japan Apologizes for Bataan Death March: ABC


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World War One Color Photos


Spring finally arrives in the northwoods: PJM (Priestap)
I am so old: The Old Jarhead
Identity of traffic-stopping billboard bra model revealed: Daily Mail

Comment o' the day (Comment by kelly on 5/29 @ 3:36 pm):

...If only we had a…I don’t know, say a nationwide organization of…inquisitive people who really like to dig below the…uh…headlines and attempt to find the truth with a skeptical zeal in learning more about issues and fervently holding the government to a genuinely high and noble standard.

Maybe we could carve out room in higher ed for the express purpose of tutoring these naturally curious types and put them to work in…say, a medium that sets itself apart from government propaganda and works as…say, arbiters of truth and judicious concern for the greater public’s need to know the whole story. Y’know to provide a check against goverment over-reach and provide a much needed backstop for citizens to monitor there governments. An unelected–what to call it?–some kind of estate, if you will.

Nah, too far-fetched.