Saturday, May 09, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: 'Americans are not human beings'

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Obama budget cuts target military funding: Times
Petraeus may indeed be "the one": TAB
Obama and the 9/11 Families: WSJ

The Chicago Catastrophe: TAB
Who do Democrats blame?: Kinghoffer
Enhanced lying: IBD

How free is your state?: Surber
Benedict Arlen: traitors never prosper: PJM (Meister)
Pelosi folds, admits she lied: GWP


The Hamas 'Peace' Gambit: RCP
HuffPo: A Magnet for Hate: CAMERA
Seven existential threats: Commentary

When Obama meets Netanyahu: WSJ
Iran's Ayatollah Khatami: "Americans Are Not Human Beings":GWP
Ho-hum: ACORN manufactures 38,000 more fraudulent voter regs: JWF


Investment Roadmap For Yasi: Yelnick
'It's Really a Bad Idea To Speak Out. Angering the President Is a Mistake': JWF
What do Goldman Sachs and Al Gore have in common?: Varones

Battered Hedge Fund Managers' Syndrome: Malkin
The new Chrysler, by Government Fiat: PJM (Malone)
How to save on health care, Obama-style: CBG


The Harlem Miracle: Brooks


Let's play 'Did you know?': Lead & Gold
McClatchy's largest shareholder unloads 15M shares: McClatchy Watch
Thanks, Hugh: Exurban League


The Emperor's New Clubs: Mr. Snitch
Stormy Weather: YouTube
Artist creates invisible car: Telegraph

The dark side of Pete Seeger: Examiner
Instruction manual for the USS Enterprise: Cracked
Robert Gibbs: the PC Guy?: CSM

Fast & Furious: Romania: Spark

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