Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Gone with a whimper

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Obama wants a social engineer for the high court: ProtWis
The necessary enemy: Greenroom
The Clever Manipulation: Projection & Paranoia: Dr. Sanity
Sizing up Barack Obama: Maggie
Dem warns another terror attack will happen: Gulf Five
Bush White House Twitter archive Erased: MereRhet
American capitalism, gone with a whimper: Pravda


Activist Judge, the Video: Surber
Why the smart money's on Sotomayor: Greenroom
A dangerous precedent, in more ways than one: Dinocrat
Like Falstaff, in reverse: Power Line

Energy & Climate

China to Obama: no more money: Surber
Massive LNG discovery in LA could be game-changer: WSJ
Global warming alarmists out in the cold: News.com.au
'Green' lightbulbs poison workers, Earth: S&L
The carbon phobia bias: Prairie
NASA moonbat James Hansen Hopes New Climate Bill Fails!: Depot


Barack Obama and the DC School Voucher Program: Instapundit
Failure gets a pass: firing tenured teachers costly, tortuous: LA Times
Fourth grader vs. Stanford moonbat: Crittenden


Dump Pakistan?: Prairie
As the U.S. retreats, Iran fills the void: WSJ
Venezuela: 'the early stages of something catastrophic': WSJ
World Wars: Scipio
Salamo Arouch, Who Boxed for His Life in Auschwitz, Is Dead at 86: New Bankrupt Times


HuffPo's war on medical science: LGF
Seven clearly fake stories that fooled the MSM: Cracked
Nutbag McKinney appears on anti-Semitic radio show: LGF

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