Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: MSNBC hides the Dijon Mustard

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Open letter to the Republican Party: SenCur
President Fredo Corleone: Morrissey
Motives of American Muslims debated: Star-Telegram
Specterenfreude: Legal Insurrection
McCaskill Trapped by Obama Tax Hike Scheme: Gateway
Murtha kin got millions in no-bid defense work: WaPo
Obama Democrats accent bullying over governing: Shlaes


Conservatism is an argument; liberalism a promise: DocZero
ACORN charged in NV; 19,000 fake registrations: Gateway
Did Liz Edwards help John commit fraud?: Tiger
Hate crime protections for pedophiles; not for military: STACLU
A culture of corruption: Prairie
Liberal food fight over Supreme Court nominee: Surber

Energy & Climate

Oil, gas and hot air :Dinocrat


SDS lurks behind UNC's Tancredo protest: MetroNC
Near-universal support for universal pre-school: P&P
Gender neutrality carried to extremes at Stanford: Greenroom


Ali Allawi: Predicting the death of Islam: Spengler
MI5 tried to recruit Gitmo detainees: Prairie


The Slipstream Media: Creating a New American Network - Part 1: AmerDig
"Make it stop!": Anchoress
MSNBC Hides the Dijon Mustard: Legal Insurrection

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