Friday, May 08, 2009

Larwyn's Headlines: Taking Dictation

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Generational theft hearings: PJTV
Was President Obama a subprime borrower?: Scrivener
2002 DNI report proves Pelosi a shameless liar: Allahpundit

Obsessive housing disorder: City Journal
Gov. Schweitzer's radical new gun law in Montana: Greenroom
CIA: Pelosi is a bald-faced liar: WaPo

Complete list of EIT briefings: HE (PDF)
Interrogator challenges Biden, Pelosi & Obama: Aces
The 'Keep Terrorists Out of America' Bill: Ace


Israel today. The world tomorrow: Steyn
Neutering an ally: IBD
Lily-livered Europe has surrendered: First Post (UK)

A method to Obama's madness: Taranto
Billboards of hate: AT (Levy)
Taliban: suicide bombings justified since Prophet's days: GWP


Luntz to GOP: Health reform is popular: Politico
The 'free choice' act is anything but: McGovern
Another expensive corporate boondoggle?: BMW

A card check Twitter scam: Instapundit
Obama's Promise To Go Through Budget Line By Line Yields "Cuts" Of 17 Billion Dollars, Lots Of It From...Wait For It...Defense: Ace


MSM merging with Left Wing Blogs: GWP
Beck throws ACORN rep out of studio: Examiner
Not content with suck-ups, Obama now instructing MSM: JWF

Science & Medicine

Vaccinations: Why is Oprah promoting vaccine skeptic Jenny McCarthy?: Slate
Schakowsky: blatant lies to Fox Business: GWP


Hunting Ground: Moore

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