Friday, May 01, 2009

Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards vs. a Bestseller

A new book by Elizabeth Edwards -- wife of disgraced putz John Edwards -- currently has 488 mentions in the media, according to Google News.

While a new book by Mark Levin, which has sold over a million copies in five weeks -- and has dominated the New York Times bestseller list with successive #1 rankings -- can't get the attention of a single major media outlet.

There's a reason for the disparity.

Levin's book lays out the history of the Republic, from men who inspired the Framers -- like Cicero and John Locke -- to the turmoil of the founding itself. His argument advocates defending the Constitution against Statism; that is, the central planners who relentlessly press forward with visions of an unattainable Utopia.

Buy it now. Along with about ten copies for any drones you know.

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