Saturday, May 01, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Government-Created Dustbowl and Depression

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The Government-Created Dustbowl and Depression: Ace
May Day/Che Day: Reconquista returns: Malkin
The DOJ used as a political weapon... again: AT

A Report from Cochise County, Arizona: AT
AZ Deupty shot by suspected illegal with AK-47: GWP
Free Speech 1, CAIR 0: RefugeFromIslam Ads Return: Geller


Congress: Unions need more power over corporations: RWN
ObamaCare: an Unmitigated Disaster: AT
GM 'dangeously close to committing fraud' -- Issa: BlogProf

'Dems spark alarm with call for national ID card': ProWis
Treasury redeems a Gargantuan $643B in Treasuries in April: ZH
Shredding Driehaus on his claims of 'Stimulus' success: Virtuous

Climate & Energy

Oil Spill from NASA Earth Observatory: RWN
Presidential Lassitude in Louisiana: Hewitt
Cute, Fuzzy Animals Doom America to Energy Dependence: Ace


At some point you have grabbed enough power: Power Line
The Origins of the Lapdog Media: AT
Palin: Drill, Baby, Drill -- No Matter What: RWN


The Mohammed Image Archive: Where Every Day Is 'Draw Mohammed Day'!: Zombie
More on Malmö: GoV
Sun-tanned women to be arrested in Iran: S&L

Stoning As a Religious Value: GoV
Bigotry label for thee, not me: Steyn


Adobe fires back at Steve Jobs' 'smokescreen': Fox
The Case of the $18,000 Phone Bill (WSJ)
Palin hacker convicted on two charges: GWP


Citizen Gore: IowaHawk
The Narcissist in Chief Joins the Cheater in Chief Club?: Feed Your ADHD
Butterfly Effect: MOTUS

Image: Zero Hedge
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The Machiavellian said...

Thanks for the mention. Just one question, why can't my paper or heaven forbid the local Republican party look this stuff up? Ain't like the Communist Intelligentsia is trying to hide it!

Just a guy said...


Thank you so much for the sponsor link. Luke is a special little boy who has more guts in his little finger... and he will soon be gone.

Thank you.

K.J. Hinton