Thursday, May 27, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Issa Utters the 'I' Word

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Issa Utters the 'I' Word: Pundette
Americans Fleeing Border Invasion: AT
Ground Zero Imam: 'I Don’t Believe in Religious Dialogue': PJM

ObamaCare by any other name: Doc Zero
Look who’s behind the White House/Sestak stonewall: Malkin
'They run the unions for the benefit of the Party': SISU


Census Used to Fudge Employment Numbers: RWN
Christie to teacher: 'Don't like budget? Find a new job': Hot Air
Christie: We're Not Raising Taxes: WCBS-TV

Another Sham Stimulus Bill: AT
Moody’s: U.S. Spending Risks Credit Rating: RWN
Obama tells GOP that DemCare will reduce the debt: GWP

Climate & Energy

Environmentalists with Oil on Their Hands: AT
'It Could Be 24 Years Before Deepwater Gusher Ends': Insider
Reuters: BP may have stopped the leak: Insider


Obama Judicial Nominee Says Sexual Sadists Deserve Lighter Sentences: NewsBusters
Nina Easton: What I saw at the SEIU thug protest at that banker’s home: Hot Air
Why Is the Washington Post Afraid to Use the Words 'Muslim' And 'Honor Killing' In The Same Article?: Chesler

Radical Royalty - Obama's Federal Reserve Pick - Sarah Bloom Raskin: NewZeal
The FCC's Covert Mission to 'Balance' Broadcast Media Ownership: AT
Mr. Creepy, 'Reporter': LegalIns


9/11 families fight sharia “party place” at Ground Zero: Malkin
Confirmed: National Guard Troops, Who Will Be Unarmed, Won’t Be Used to Stop Illegal Immigrants: GWP
Free Gaza Travel Guidebook For Pro-Hamas Freedom Flotilla: Mere Rhetoric

‘We’re Going to Bring Your Racism Down’ – Stand With Arizona, May 29th!: RWN
The China that can say 'No': IBD
US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus: Telegraph


British researcher cracks crypto problem: ZDNet
It's Official: Apple Is Now Worth More Than Microsoft: Insider
This is Weird… Typing “” Sends You to White House Website?: GWP


For the Squids and More Squid Stuff: Denny
Sex and the City 2: Feminist Hawks? Accused of Being Anti-Islam: RWN
How Obama got into Harvard: Cashill

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QOTD: "The Left dreams of rendering the Second Amendment null and void, if they can amass sufficient political capital. The First Amendment could be hammered into a donut, with inconvenient bloggers and talk radio hosts thrown down the hole at its center. There are sanctuary cities where immigration law can be flouted with impunity. No one will be allowed to evade ObamaCare, except the ruling class it was never meant to inconvenience." -- Doctor Zero

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