Sunday, May 23, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Nouveau riche Obamas pour it on at state dinner

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Nouveau riche Obamas pour it on at state dinner: Pundette
Communist indoctrination in Chicago schools: RWN
Reviving Race Science at Columbia: AT

Obama's West Point Commencement Address: AmPower
Djou wins: first Republican to win in 20 years: GWP
The sons and daughters of liberty: AT


As economic worries grow, White House puts on the glitz: York
The Bankrupting of America: WSJ
32 States Now Officially Bankrupt: Zero Hedge

Climate & Energy

A Very Disturbing, Job-Killing Trend: Hewitt
Where do we get a refund? Mann's scams continue: Depot
Sealing the Gulf Blowout: AT


The News They Kept to Themselves: RWN
Why the GOP could still lose in November: PJM
Mark Levin Challenges David Gregory: GWP

Fund smacks down Maher: Teabag yourself: NewsBusters
Daley hopes for violence against Supreme Court: Gormogons
Obama's Thugocracy: Tantaros

Thoughtless on Discrmination: RWN
Over My Dead Body!: AT
The Senator from Sandy Berger: Cashill


Update On UCSD MSA Member Who Admitted She Wants A Second Holocaust: JoshuaPundit
Evidence mounts that Pakistani major spoke to Times Square suspect: LAT
A Republican Response To President Calderone of Mexico ("Cooter-sweats?"): Ace

Senators: Obama admin keeps Congress in dark on intel: Times
Fatah may resume ‘armed struggle': JPost
'Shakin' It Up Here, Boss': CBullitt


Ka-boom! HP expands notebook battery recall: CNet
Google Takes on Apple TV with Web-Based TV Service: NewsFactor
Applications Disclosing Required Authority: Schneier


Dora the Explorer: SondraK
Elena Kagan and America's Rude Legacy of anti-Harvard Bigotry : IowaHawk
Spreading Manure: Adrienne

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QOTD: "If you were to waterboard Chuck Schumer and ask him who he does not want to run against in November, he would gurgle the name Gary Berntsen." -- D. Patrick Mahoney

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