Monday, May 17, 2010

Illegals by the truckload: BIP documents the flow of illegal aliens that somehow escapes the watchful gaze of Janet 'The Falcon' Napolitano

The invaluable BorderInvasionPics website just posted new pictures and videos that help illustrate the unchecked flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.

Are these trucks transporting drugs? Weapons? Criminals? The poor who need medical care and know they won't be refused at hospitals in the U.S. no matter how expensive the procedure?

Who knows -- the utterly clueless Janet Napolitano and the willfully inept Democrats in Washington are ignoring the border. In doing so, they hope they can convert some of the swarms of welfare recipients into Democrat voters.

And everyone knows that's the Democrat agenda. Everyone. The Democrats aren't even trying to hide the approach. And not only is it anti-American, it's flat out dangerous. Literally anything could be transported over the border and, one day, some serious weapons -- RPG's, dynamite, bio-weapons, even radiological material -- will make the journey from the south into our cities.

To illustrate just how despicable the Social Democrat approach has become, consider the brochure circulated a few years ago in Texas (left). At various rallies for illegal immigration, Democrat "community organizers" handed out these brochures which were written in Spanish (on the reverse side) and English.

They provide directions for non-citizens to game the system and vote the Democrat ticket. Consider the hubris: Democrats offering clear instructions to illegal aliens so that they could corrupt the process and override the votes of American taxpayers.

That's how despicable and power-hungry the Democrats have become.

And every day, some hidden cameras set up by a few brave patriots at BIP and other sites capture the flow of hundreds of illegals making the trek into Arizona as easily as you or I would drive to Palm Springs from Los Angeles.

This outrageous administration and its pathetic sycophants in Congress spent trillions on "shovel-ready" projects that only harmed the economic health of the country. They borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars from China, which our children must repay with interest when they grow up.

And the border remains open, even though the one construction project that makes sense -- a freaking border fence -- is supported by upwards of 80% of Americans. American citizens, that is.

No country with generous welfare benefits and guaranteed medical benefits can survive unlimited illegal immigration. And that's why Democrats that support this mess can truly be said to be anti-American: they seek the collapse of the system.

And despite the capabilities of our brilliant men and women who serve in the military, in the intelligence community, in law enforcement and as first responders, they are utterly hamstrung by disastrous leaders like Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and Barack Obama.

It's November or never.

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Unknown said...

I agree with you about the democrats. What are they thinking.

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