Friday, May 28, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Worst Press Conference Since 'I Am Not A Crook'

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Worst Press Conference Since 'I Am Not A Crook': Wizbang
Obama dodges, but Sestak questions won't go away: York
The new cleaning ladies of leftism: AT

CA GOP Senate Primary Down to Wire: AmPower
Our unsecured southern border and the next 9/11: RWN
Does AZ's new law make policing harder?: PJM


Shame: Nine GOP Reps Supporting Union Bailout: RWN
Tax Extenders Bill is Irresponsible and Dangerous: Foundry
Why Faculty Unions Could Destroy Our Universities: MTC

Will SEC Charge the Right People with Fraud?: AT
Heartache! Kanye And Michael Moore To Boycott AZ: RWN
Hillary: 'The rich are not paying their fair share': Politico

Climate & Energy

MMS Chief Out: ‘Heckuva Job, Lizzie!’: RedState
NASA's 40-year greenhouse gas coverup: ClimateRealists
'It's a totally awesome time to double gas taxes!': BlogProf


The Stench of Elitism Hung Heavy in the Air: Zombie
Dunkirk Conservatism: Spectator
Trillion dollar deficits and the press: Why it's Paul Krugman's fault: AT

Despot-in-Training: Politician calls for registering journalists: RWN
The Atlantic has a mess on its hands: LegalIns
The Endgame of Class Warfare: AT


North vs. South Korea: How Bad Could It Get?: PJM
We're too broke to be this stupid: Steyn
French Strikes Are Already Breaking Out, And Austerity Has Barely Been Mentioned Yet: Insider

Bringing a case against Arizona: Volokh
Rahm Emanuel Heckled by Israelis While Touring Old City of Jerusalem: GWP
The World's Gold Supply Runs Out: Telegraph


Security FUD In Action: Not Windows' Fault, Nope, Not at All: LinuxToday


Old Guard Soldiers Put 'Flag In' At Arlington National Cemetary: Jawa
Lori Obama: iOTW
GM Grows A Ponytail (For Cancer Patients): GM's Place

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