Monday, May 24, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Jindal blasts Obama inaction, moves on sand booms

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Jindal blasts Obama inaction, moves on sand booms: Malkin
Was this a nightmare? Or did it really happen?: AT
Duty, Honor, Blah Blah Blah, Etc.: Crittenden

Another ICE horror story, more ICE non-enforcement: Malkin
What was cut from Obama's West Point speech: RWN
The Irony of the Rand Paul Kerfuffle: LegalIns


Cliff-Diving into Dependency, Trolling for Democrat Votes: Blumer
Union Insanity: New Jersey Becomes Greece: GWP
Tim Kaine: Lying with Statistics: Commentary

ObamaCare encourages small businesses to stay small, not hire: Hill
Good news! Housing crisis architect seeks NY Governorship: BlogProf
How Debt Imperils National Security: Ignatius

Climate & Energy

Obama switches to Denmark from Brazil: Best out of Five? PJM
'I Haff zeen zee oil-coated buds': Doswell
Cause for Alarm?: WUWT


When Even the New York Times Admits Europe's Welfare State Is Unsustainable...: Cobb
Surprise: WaPo, NYT Wildly Misstate 'Controversial' Texas Curriculum Changes: Ace
Calderon: drop AZ Law, renew Assault Weapons Ban, remove North America's borders: Last Gringo

Sestak Confirms Job Offer from White House: Patterico
Thoughtless on Discrimination: RWN
Propaganda from the AP: AT


Intelligence Analysis: Kim Approved Sinking of South Korean Ship: Ace
Report: American Soldiers in Afghanistan Ordered to Patrol With Their Weapons Unloaded…: Weasel Zippers
A mosque at Ground Zero? A sick joke: Telegraph

Obama Announces U.S. Military Secrets to the World : FoxNation
A hot new vacation destination: Hezbollah's Magic Kingdom of Jihad Theme Park: WyBlog
The euro crisis is a judgment on the great lie of 'Europe': Booker


Industrial Light & Masking Tape: Driscoll
Brewing a better coffee cup online: CNet
iPad caveat: Solution seeking a problem: CNet


Gringo Mask -- Yeah, This Should Work: LegalIns
Socialism's Downfall: AT
Moonbats: Whales and Dolphins Should Get “Human Rights” to Life and Liberty…: Weasel Zippers

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QOTD: "Faced by the linked yet separate crises in the Middle East and in Northeast Asia the Obama administration is acting like it was shot through the central nervous system, acting in uncoordinated jerks. The alliances with Korea and Japan and the special relationships with Israel and Britain lie almost forgotten like neglected toys on the floor of a spoiled child distracted by his latest bauble. Gone are the heady prospects of Grand Bargains with the Muslim world kicked off by dramatic speeches in Cairo. Gone is the idea of a swift drawdown from Iraq; or of a comprehensive solution in the Middle East. Gone is the promise of catching Osama Bin Laden. Gone is the notion that Europe, which once hated America because of George Bush, would turn like a blossoming rose to Obama. In their place are half-finished begun threads without closure: a growing Hezbollah menace in Lebanon; a defiant Iran; a belligerent North Korea; a buffoonish but menacing Chavez; a drug war on the southern border; an Eastern Europe with the shadow of the Russian bear growing ever longer across it." -- Richard Fernandez (via Bruce Kesler)

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