Monday, May 24, 2010

The Obama Campaign to Strip Israel of its Last Line of Defense Continues: Guardian Reports Israel Tried to Sell Nukes in the Seventies

Several weeks ago, the World Tribune reported that President Obama and Egypt were working on a strategy to pressure Israel to give up its nuclear arsenal.

Over the last 40 years, the United States has unofficially adopted Israel's refusal to discuss its purported nuclear arsenal. Israel has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty until peace comes to the Middle East.

The United Nations has hosted a month-long meeting on NPT [Nuclear Proliferation Treaty]. The session has been dominated by Egypt's recruitment of a bloc to press for the implementation of a 1995 resolution for a nuclear-free Middle East.

"We want to see every country be a signatory to the NPT," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on May 3. "We believe strongly in this. That’s why we are taking steps which have never been taken by any administration before."

Israel has become the focus of attention at the NPT meeting, sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency. IAEA director-general Yukiya Amano has asked member-states to propose ways to press Israel to join NPT.

...On May 5, Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States called for a nuclear-free Middle East. The five nuclear powers, without mentioning Israel, called on all states in the region to sign the NPT.

...[Former Ambassador John] Bolton did not rule out a U.S. campaign against Israel's purported nuclear weapons arsenal. He said the next few months could see an increase in U.S. and other international pressure on the Jewish state.

"The only unknown answer at this point is exactly how much pressure he [Obama] would exert on Israel to do just that," Bolton said. "Part of that pressure is being exerted right now by even considering the possibility of a conference on a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East."

Today, UK's Guardian newspaper rolled out another element of the information warfare campaign, claiming that Israel tried to sell nukes in the seventies to the apartheid country of South Africa.

A UK news website claims Israel intended to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid South Africa, but Jerusalem denies the charges.

The Guardian news website, citing the work of an American academic, has reported that declassified South African documents reveal that Israel offered to sell nuclear weapons to the apartheid regime in 1975...

The office of Israeli President Shimon Peres, who was defense minister at the time of the alleged agreement, has vehemently denied the claims.

The documents purporting to prove that Israel tried to sell its nukes were -- surprise! -- "uncovered" by an editor at the Democrat think tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Gee, why not just have Dan Rather "find" the documents instead?

You say Dan Rather's a member of the CFR? Oops.

Let me guess, the "uncovered" documents from the seventies used a Microsoft Word-compatible Times New Roman font. And despite being highly classified, super Top Secret, a CFR researcher was able to find them in a long-lost file folder at the neighborhood JiffyLube.


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