Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: House Freshmen Run Away from Obama

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Freshmen run away from Obama: CQP
Why we should be very afraid of Elena Kagan: Power Line
Gov. Dumbal: GOP almost at level of sedition: Hot Air

A Thug Too Far: Power Line
First conviction in illegal alien gang massacre: Malkin
A Tale of Two Book Banners: RWN


New York Judges consider joining Teachers' Union: AT
Big Brother’s Lock On Your Money Is Complete: LogMon
Kuttner has been lobotomized: Denninger

Oops: Administration admits rationing is in DemCare: RWN
Why is College Tuition Rising 2X Rate of Inflation?: Carpe Diem
As we suffer, government salaries and payoffs grow: RWN

Climate & Energy

Overturning EPA’s Finding Is a Constitutional Imperative: PJM
Nonpartisan Proof: Cap-and-Trade Is an Economy-Killer: AT
It's the Sun, Stupid: NatPost

What the hell is happening with the BP leak?: Moran
Salazar threatens to nationalize BP oil spill: MagNote
Climate Change Threatens Nomadic Mongolians Way Of Life: RWN


Are you ready to speak out, America?: PJM
Another deportation abyss horror story, more ICE non-enforcement: Malkin
My law studies are a bit rusty, but I'd say he's got a strong case...: BarcePundit

Come on Down to Independence Slavery Mall: AT
SecDef Hillary Clinton?: Jumping In Pools
O'Reilly's Awesome Idea to Stop BP Leak: FreeLight

Old Media: Democrats = Moderate, Republicans = Extremist: RWN
Meghan McCain bashes 'Racist' Tea Party: GWP
BHO, Master of the Modern Media: RWN


The New International Order: Belmont
OIC Praises Obama’s ‘Remarkable Decision’ to Close Guantanamo, Drop References to Islam, Terrorism: WeaZip
Joe Biden: Brussels Has Legitimate Claim to Capital of the Free World: GWP

Homeland Security Alert: Somali Terrorist on the Loose in Texas?: PJM
Rifqa Bary Suffering from Cancer, Her Lawyers Bring In Her Parents: Geller
Muslim Youths in Nigeria Burn Church Buildings, Pastor's Home: RSN


Google trashes iPhone OS, and it's right: ZDNet
BugBots: DesignWorld
I'm So Freaking Browned Off: C&S


Branding Matters: Steyn
Obama appoints Golf Czar: Carpe Diem
Democrats vs. a Bomb: C&S

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