Saturday, May 22, 2010

Proof that Anthony Weiner is a Stalinist Bully (and Better Suited for Ruling Zimbabwe Than Serving in Congress)

I want you to know that Rep. Anthony Weiner is a detestable hack. I want you to know that Anthony Weiner is a menace to the civil society. I want you to know that Anthony Weiner is a would-be dictator whose attempts to silence political speech are dangerous and, I believe, border on criminal behavior.

I say this because Weiner does not believe in the First Amendment, or any part of the Constitution, so far as I can tell. He is blatantly violating his oath of office.

Under the pretense of "consumer protection", Anthony Weiner is attacking perfectly legitimate private businesses like GoldLine in order to silence conservative viewpoints. Using the specious claim that GoldLine "grossly overcharges" its customers (PDF), Weiner is specifically targeting sponsors of conservative thought-leaders like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Fred Thompson.

This is nothing less than a direct attack on free speech by a thug and a bully masquerading as a Congressperson. Why? Because Goldline is no more overcharging customers than Wendy's does when comparing its hamburger to one from McDonald's.

A one-ounce 2010 American Eagle gold bullion coin is the single best benchmark for most gold collectors. Using a Google search, I took the first nine websites I found (that would allow me to shop online) and ran through an ordering process for a 2010 1-oz. Eagle on each.

And this is what I found:

Raw Price + ShippingTotal PriceShopping CartWebsite
$1,239.05 + $24.95 shipping$1,264.001 oz. 2010 Gold American EagleAPMEX
$1,256.22 + $17.95 shipping$1,273.171 oz. 2010 Gold American EagleGainesville Coins
$1,255.48 + $27.00 shipping$1,282.481 oz. 2010 Gold American EagleBlanchard Online
$1,240.01 + 24.95 shipping$1.284.961 oz. 2010 Gold American EagleGolden Eagle Coin
$1,295.00 + free shipping$1,295.001 oz. 2010 Gold American EagleGoldLine
$1,278.74 + $20.95 shipping$1,299.691 oz. 2010 Gold American EagleBrandon's Coins
$1,247.92 + $49.51 shipping$1.297.431 oz. 2010 Gold American EagleBullionDirect
$1,299.00 + $19.95 shipping$1,318.951 oz. 2009 Gold American EagleAustin Gold Information Network
$1,399.00 + $7.45 shipping$1.406.451 oz. 2009 Gold American EagleSteve's Collectibles
$1,435.00 + free shipping$1,435.001 oz. 2010 Gold American EagleGovMint

In fact, Goldline was fifth out of ten on total price for the one-ounce benchmark gold bullion coin, separated by 2% from the first slot. Does that sound like overcharging to you?

Is Anthony Weiner investigating #10?

Or #9?

Or #8, #7 or #6?

No. Because they don't sponsor conservative authors and speakers. If Weiner were really concerned with overcharging, he could have found far better targets than Goldline in a matter of a few minutes, just like I did.

Anthony Weiner is a would-be Stalinist and is directly targeting free speech. His views are out of the mainstream. His tactics are anti-American. And he deserves to be shown the door in November.

And I hope that Landmark Legal Foundation or another real civil liberties outfit sues the crap out of this pathetic little twerp.

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Hat tip: Another Black Conservative. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Anthony Weiner is indeed a problem and more good folks that he represents need to do something about it.

Bones said...

Obama and his gang of illiterates (we must assume that since 10 pages is beyond their capacity) are at war with Fox and the rest. Sometimes they send out a sniper to take a shot. Problem is that the snipers are too dumb to realize he was given blanks.

Quite Rightly said...

Good post. Thank you.

And it certainly does indicate what conservatives in New York State are up against.

The_Bad said...

In January 2005, I noted the silly protest ideas from liberals about Bush's inauguration.

Back then, there was a news article titled, "Weiner Speech Wins Over Dad, At Least". Strangely enough, one can no longer find this on Google. Alas, I digress. Noting that Weiner has a father, one might be inclined to refer to the son as Little Weiner. Having this inclination, I noted:

"[L]ittle Weiner was on TV today suggesting that Bush not hold his Inauguration party and give the money to troops and hungry New Yorkers. He refers to the Inauguration event as a bunch of “fat cats in Washington in tuxedos”. I assume this differs vastly from the equally costly Clinton inaugurations, but I cannot figure out how. Little Weiner suggests that Bush do as FDR did and have an open-house at the White House with “chicken salad and pound cake”."

In December 2006, this elephant did not forget:

In covering the itinerary of one Nancy Pelosi and her party to celebrate her newly-crowned position as House Speaker, I noted that Speaker-elect Pelosi's
star-studded, 4-day event included what she called the “People's House” open house at the Cannon House Office Building. This was by invitation only. To my knowledge, Little Weiner had nothing to say regarding the cost of a 4-day, star-studded, taxpayer-funded party. Seemingly, Little Weiner thinks only Republicans should hunker down with chicken salad and pound cake.

....this just in: nothing from Little Weiner on the cost of the Obama inauguration either. Color me so unsurprised.