Friday, May 28, 2010


BP's global public relations unit is trying to make up for the spill by bringin' the funny.

@bpTerry just asked a scientist why there are so many crows in the south. Turns out they are seagulls. It was AWKWARD. #bpcares

If you've ever wanted to take a dump in the ocean, now is your chance. #whynot? #bpcares

What a gorgeous day! The ocean is filled with the most beautiful rainbows! #yourewelcome #bpcares

I know we have it bad, but our hearts go out to whoever does PR for AT&T. #noservice #bpcares

Can we just start calling it the oilcean and move on please? #bpcares

@bpTerry just ran into the grabass room all excited and sincerely asked, "Why don't we just call Captain Planet!?" - he has great weed, ok?

This horrible spill wouldn't be happening in the gulf of AMERICA! Arizona knows what I'm talking 'bout!! #fistpound #bpcares

Of course, bp cares about the fishing industry as well. Now, all tuna from the gulf coast comes pre-packaged in oil. #you'rewelcome #yum

We are dedicated to helping the wildlife in the gulf. Any birds that need cleaning must report to 287 Quartemain St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801.

BTW, Top Kill is also our xbox live handle if anyone wants to play some red dead redemption. #bpcares #rddallday

New solution: Everybody drive your cars into the gulf with your gas caps open! You'll get a full tank and we'll only charge $20 cash!

At this rate, someone's going to get a job offer from SNL.


memory cards said...

I'm sorry, I thought to call it a Friday morning gave me a cool boss. We paid people to look busy for Obama, not clean!

Unknown said...

Just an FYI, this is a spoof account created shortly after the explosion. It's just like the not_sarah_palin or not_hulk accounts. I love seeing all the great stuff you post but just wanted to let ya know that this isn't a legit BP thing and you might want to let others know too.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. i think the point is that it's obviously a joke.