Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Anti-establishment Tuesday? Races to watch today

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Anti-establishment Tuesday? Races to watch today: DC
The end of American Exceptionalism?: Protein Wisdom
Bombshell: Dem Senate Candidate's bogus resume: Hot Air

Arizona Ends Divisive Chicano Studies in Schools: NAS
Attacking Arizona blows up in San Diego's face: RWN
Kagan's Speech Rationing: Times


Huge Victory in Texas for Liberty Against Unions: RWN
America's Public Debt Explained: AT
Ohio's income projections nowhere near reality: Virtuous

Fannie Mae's involvement in warming caper: RWN
Citizens or Subjects: Keynesian Economics: AT
Genius: GM wants more subprime buyers: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Climategate 2010: Inconvenient Facts About Global Warming: PJM
‘Son of Alar’: The New Pesticide Scare Campaign: BigGovt
Less Than One-Third of US Meteorologists Believe In AGW: GWP


Must-Read of the Day: The New Yorker Profiles Andrew Breitbart: BigGovt
Dear Krugman, Yes, We Are Greece. P.S., You Suck.: Insider
Laura Bush: Obama & Wife Benefit From Double-Standard: Ace

Broadway Babies Sucker Punch Their Fellow Bobos: Driscoll
Krugman resorts to platitudes when the truth hurts: Ranger's Arrows
Spitting in the Face of Everyone Murdered on 9/11: Blitz


Hot Tips on UN Waste, Fraud and Abuse: Rosett
The shape of things to come with Iran: NowLebanon
Everyone Loses In Britain’s Election. Could be A Good Thing.: VDARE


What a difference a day makes: American Digest
Neat: Israeli Company Makes Tanks Invisible to Night Vision: SnappedShot
30 Years Ago Today: Grand Rants


Hmmm...: Muslim Woman Wins Miss USA Crown: Ace
CPUSA to Sue Dems?: Moonbattery
Stop the Mosque: iOTW

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