Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama sends his love to our troops

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Obama sends his love to our troops: RWN
Kagan wrote the Clinton gun ban law: Volokh
On Robert Clark: Kagan and the Military: BenchMemos

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'... Anything about Shariah Law: AT
Obama nominates himself: AmSpec
The professor and the dean: Times


Michelle Obama: Food profiteer-turned-food cop: Malkin
Dem sleazebag Mollohan falls in primary: Ace
Hillary's not getting any love from the administration: RWN


Do these teachers ever get fired?: RWN
Organizing for America: IBD
Hmm: Obama to Control Children's Food & Toys: Ace

Shocking: CBO hangs another $115B on ObamaCare: Toldjah
Taxed enough already: even USA Today says it: RWN
Senate calls for audit of three years of Fed deals: Times

Climate & Energy

Leak of the day! Kerry-Lieberman cap-and-trade bill: GreenHell
President Hamlet's Energy Policy: AT
Is a university a "law free" zone?: MoneyRunner


A confluence of leftism caused five students to be punished for wearing Old Glory: Hanson
What Did You Say About Muhammad?!: PJM
The Obama State Senate Transcripts: Jumping In Pools

Who Is Rachel Tabachnick, and Why Is She Attacking Phyllis Chesler?: RSM
The 'Logan's Run'-ning of America: Shayne
Union film spanks Obama pal Penny Pritzker: Marathon


OTMs Crossing the Southwest Border: SIGIS
Seriously. Obama Lectures Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero on Reining in Debt.: GWP
UK Chaos: Labour, Lib Dems 'Coalition of Losers' Angers Britain: PJM

Jawa Exclusive: Capture Of Mullah Omar Confirmed: Jawa
USG pays Mosque it considers radical: IPT
Tory Coalition Partner Wants to Recognize Hamas: TAB


Google and Verizon to Launch Tablet Computer: Mashable
Twitter to Launch Twitter Business Center: Mashable


Roots of the Democrat Party: AmDigest
Two pictures that intrigue: C&S
The Ultimate Doomsday Chart: Zero Hedge

Image: Lars Larson.
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