Friday, May 21, 2010

If you weren't already shorting BP, I'd suggest you start *

Check this out:

What rocket scientist came up with this outstanding plan: "Say, let hire the Mistress of Disaster"?

I truly fear for the future of British Petroleum.

Linked by: Ace of Spades. Thanks!

* I am not a financial advisor, nor do I play one on TV.


Jerome Carter said...

A brilliant plan. She will be able to erect a wall of plausible deny-ability so opaque no court and no member of the press will see through it.

And it's probably just one in a series of official favors BP will be doing for our glorious leader to keep themselves out of trouble.

hard drive media player said...

if not impossible. I'm still trying to find official confirmation that this is a bug (and I assume it has to be, as otherwise the meta-achievement isn't doable), but it also appears that fires have been added to Northrend as well.

Unknown said...

No, no... you got it all wrong. JE Carter has it right: This hire is the what will save their bacon. Hiring a top Democrat crony will stem the bleeding by dramatically reducing the number of wounds inflicted by the White House.

Phil said...

Did you see the 60 Minutes report on the BP disaster? It really tore BP to shreds.