Sunday, May 30, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Skipping Arlington to spend Memorial Day with Farrakhan

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Who skipped Arlington to spend Memorial Day with Farrakhan?: Atlas
Giving thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice: Malkin
Quick Notes: Obama’s oil spill press conference: AnBlackCon

Kagan removed Constitutional law as Harvard requirement: Patterico
King Barack the Verbose: Steyn
The Vanities of the Bonfire: Cold Fury


IRS Asked to Review Unions’ Political Donations: RWN
2% solution and collapse of the budget process: Hewitt
Obama, ACORN and Stealth Socialism: MonCrief

Wise Guys: The End of Free-Market Capitalism: AT
LA Official to Obama: Oil Drilling Moratorium 'Will Kill Us': GWP
A Continent of Lies and Broken Promises: ZH

Climate & Energy

How Fannie Mae Chief got Cap-and-Trade Patent: BigGovt
Are Climate Alarmists losing the Mainstream Media?: AT
Deepwater Oil Spill - The LMRP Attempt, the 'Press Conference', etc.: OilDrum


Obama, The Thin-Skinned President: Wehner
What our media taught me: Hanson
If you're going to criticize Texas' new social studies curriculum, you'd better quote it. : Althouse

How the liberal mind works: Cashill
Why are some Lefties so worried about an Obama impeachment?: RWN
Interview with Rush Limbaugh: Army of One author Zev Chafets: Driscoll

Curtis Sliwa comes to Andrew Cuomo event dressed as king to mock 'coronation': BlogProf
Maher: Obama Not Acting Like A "Real Black" President: RCP
Billy's Last Ride: CBullitt


Taliban using chem weapons against U.S. troops?: GWP
The Grand Jihad Has Arrived: GoV
The Gaza Flotilla: Showboating for Hamas: Rosett


Starting up in the iPad garage: Edgelings
Navy to use dolphins, sea lions to protect sub base: Exurban


Memorial Day: the Warriors Among Us
Stories Shared to Honor Heroes on Memorial Day: BMW
Competence is its own reward: CFB

Image: The Oil Drum.
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