Friday, May 21, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: ICE Chief: We May Not Process AZ Illegals!

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ICE Chief: We May Not Process AZ Illegals!: HotAir
Dems Stand and Cheer as Calderon Bashes Arizona Law: Malkin
71% of AZ Voters Support Border Enforcement Law: GWP

Huge Mob of SEIU Goons Attacks Banker’s Home: RWN
Sestak's Little Bribe Problem: AT
Sestak may face ethics probe over job offer: WashExam


Detroit's Public Schools' Worst-Ever Report Card: BlogProf
Time to Rein In Government Pay: Tapscott
Transit Equity: AT

With Deficit Exploding, Dems Pretend to Worry: RWN
Surprise! Mass. Insurers Hemorrhaging Cash: NRO
Legal Challenges to ObamaCare Multiply: PJM


Dhimmitude and Draw Mohammed Day: Malkin
The Left’s 'Blueprint' for perpetual power: Vadum
Michael Kinsely: It's Only Bad When You Do It: Ace

The Predictable Treatment Of Rand Paul: RWN
Slick Rick Blumenthal caught in more lies: 3BeersLater
This is what we're up against: Rumble Report

Tony Rezko, Barack Obama, the FBI Mole, and the Somnolent Chicago MSM: BigJournalism
I Feel Like I Owe It To Someone: Belmont
Did Sestak Get WH Job Offer? Media Seem Not to Care: NewsBusters


Because No One Group Gets to Decide What's Offensive: Zombie
The 93,000: Fausta
Neighbors and Friends: Grand Rants

Arizona Democratic Rep: Yes To Boycotting Arizona, No To Boycotting Gaza: MereRhet
European Social Welfare State Model Running Out of Time and Money: PJM
Obama advisor: Sharia Law misunderstood -- it's about 'gender justice': BlogProf

Not just their Big Fat Greek Funeral: Steyn
France makes way for new mega-mosque: Maktoob


More Apple Censorship: Removes iPhone App that Criticizes Islam, Mohammed, Koran: GWP
Woman's Work: MindingTheCampus


What's In a Name?: JWF
The Porn Parody of the Batman Show: Ace
Mojave Cross replica is removed after mysteriously appearing overnight: PE

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hard drive media player said...

John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, made the comment during a meeting