Thursday, May 13, 2010

President Obama in Buffalo: "You're welcome, America!"

The press release aggregator known as Politico offers its nominee for 2010's most hilarious lede.

Emboldened by positive jobs numbers and an uptick in his own polls, President Barack Obama stood squarely behind his economic record Thursday and accused Republicans of doing nothing to contribute to the growth.

Actually, it's hard to contribute when you're pimp-slapped to the curb, pilloried with a massive propaganda campaign and actually locked out of every substantive policy discussion.

Obama said he was empathetic to public concerns over bailouts but defended his administration’s unpopular spending spree on aid for the auto industry, Wall Street and the economy as a whole. He didn’t like the bailouts either, he told an audience in a hard-hit region of upstate New York. He cast his choices as noble ones in which he defied “the politics of the moment” to do “what the moment required.”

Noble choices, if you're a self-designated Marxist ideologue who visibly bristles at criticism.

...The president touted the gain of 290,000 jobs last month, giving credit to his administration. Despite the increase in unemployment last month to 9.9 percent, he unequivocally predicted economic growth every month going forward.

Gee, Mortie, if I subtract the Census jobs and the "birth-death" mathematical calculation from the official numbers, I come up with about 36,000 real jobs created. At this rate, we could recover the eight million jobs lost in the recession in, oh, a little under two decades.

I can say this beyond a shadow of a doubt: Today, we are heading in the right direction,” Obama said. “Those tough steps we took — they’re working. Despite all the naysayers who were predicting failure a year ago, our economy is growing again. Next month, it will be stronger than last month. And next year will be better than this year.”

The right direction -- if you're an Alinsky-ite bent on bringing the entire system down. In fact, I'm willing to bet a nice, shiny Kruggerand on precisely the opposite. We're headed for a major fiscal catastrophe unless we throw this government out in November. Even then, we're cutting it way too close for comfort.

As a reminder, consider yesterday's cheery headlines, which President Obama somehow forgot to mention in his Chavez-like speech.

• U.S. posts 19th straight monthly budget deficit
• U.S. must avoid Greece-style crunch: Orszag
• US More Bankrupt Than Ever - $83 Billion April Deficit Is Record
• California Now One Of The Top 10 Government Default Risks In The World
• The U.S. Government Is About To Get Hit With 'The Perfect Storm' Of Debt

And in the midst of this orgy of deficit spending that threatens to capsize the ship of state, Democrats in Congress and President Obama plan to ram $200 billion in new deficit spending through before the Memorial Day recess.

I urge you to call your Congressional representatives and thank them for President Obama's fine stewardship of the economy and his deft handling of Iran, North Korea, Syria and all of the Communists on the march in South America.


Bones said...

Everyday Obama talks more like a dictator. He is is using government agencys to by pass congress and the people's will. The plan is to put as much power in his hands so a big loss in Nov. will have little effect.

ciccio said...

Not a word anywhere in the press about the fact that so far this year 68- SIXTYEIGHT - banks have gone bust, the FDIC is likely to announce another six tomorrow night. The fact that the banks at risk of failure are now well over 600 is another inconvenient fact that is just as quietly swept under the rug.

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The fact that banks with a risk of failure is now well over 600 is a second embarrassing fact that has quietly swept under the carpet.
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