Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Chuck DeVore closing gap with Fiorina

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Chuck DeVore closing gap with Fiorina: AmPower
Websites' raw video documents Arizona's border battle: ABC-15
Illegals and the Election: AT (Dunn)

Obama to Skip Wreath Laying Ceremony at Arlington: Malkin
Dem politician run down by drunk illegal alien: RWN
Down in the polls, Dems at war with themselves: Barone


Schakowsky's ShoreBank: Evidence of Scumbaggery: Pollak
Robert Reich: Another Economic Illiterate: PJM
British Pensioners Terrified of Austerity Poverty Trap: Insider

Redistributor-in-Chief: It’s Only the Beginning: RWN
As food stamp fraud grows, Dems resist anti-fraud steps: PJM
Jo Ann Emerson Sponsoring $165B Union Bailout Bill!: BMW

Climate & Energy

Left on the Cutting Room Floor: NewsBusters
Jindal Furious: Rips Obama For Dismal Response to Spill: GWP


Snap! NYT Exposes Yet Another Secret Operation: RWN
Libtalkers Worry Public Outrage Shifting Toward Obama: Equalizer
Hey, Tom, be thankful you were born before 1979*: Fausta

'Rambo' Blumenthal: a Shared Disgrace: RepAm
Safety Patrol Invades Naval Academy: Powers
Walt, Mearshimer... Beinart: Another Rant About Omnipotent Zionists: PJM


Living in Obama's Loony Parallel Universe: AT
Chairman Zero Going Nanners? What Do You Think?: Moonbattery
Obama's Porta Prompta - Symptom of Distress: Anchoress (1/27/10)


Mexico Tells Obama What To Do With Those National Guard Troops: LegalIns
Now Can We Put North Korea Back on the Terrorism List?: Rosett
Storm Clouds in the Ukraine: OnTheSquare

The Ghost of Donald Rumsfeld: Belmont
'We Are Here to Dominate': GoV
For Shame: Iran Voted In as Member of UN Women's Rights Commission: PJM

Duty, Honor and Other Countries: AT
The wonders of socialism: Hugo Chavez is now confiscating food: RWN


Dell Mini 5 tablet: Dell's answer to the Apple iPad?: ZDNet
DOJ exploring Apple's role in music pricing: CNet
Democrats' split over Net neutrality widens: CNet


The Culture Wars are Turning: PJM
Irrelevent Crazy Ugly People Blind Innocent W. Houstonians: Hindenblog
The '4 and Out' T-Shirt: Pupista

Image: Insider.
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Bones said...

Hey Doug,
I came across this:
Basically, make any trouble at all for TSA people and your on the list.
Now think about all the Gov. computers linked. Get a little uppity at the DMV, disrespect an IRS guy, don't co-operate with the census worker or be seen at a tea party event and your on the list. The unspoken rule is behave your self and go along with everything or every permit, license or even health care will suffer. Stealth suppression of free speech.