Sunday, January 12, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Answering THE Question

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Answering THE Question: The Deth Guild
"Compassionate Conservatism" ... Kill It With Fire!: Ace
Maryland Knew a Year In Advance Obamacare Website was a Disaster: RWN

Senate Dems refuse to fund military pensions; illegals’ tax refunds win out: BPR
Website of Top House Republican Drops Opposition to Amnesty: Fred Bauer
House Cleaning on the Right: Erick Erickson

DOJ Demands Ability to Veto Parents’ Choice of School: Alec Torres
White House offers ridiculous opposition to Obamacare transparency bills: BPR
Chilling Interview with Trevor Loudon: Obama is a Leninist: Trevor Loudon

Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange not fiscally sustainable, lawmakers told: RWN
CT state police seek to question Vanderboegh in gun dispute : Anthony Martin
TX open carry incident leads to punishment of CCH holders: Bob Owens


More Job Market Malaise: Tom Blumer
How Bad Is Obama's Jobs Record? Let's Count The Ways: IBD
$830 Billion Later: Minority Report

Free markets create jobs not socialist "compassion": Commentator
IRS to get 'license to kill' groups that oppose Obama agenda: Ernest Istook
Blue Cross: If GOP kills insurer bailout, it'll mean single payer: Hot Air

Scandal Central

Trey Gowdy rips State Dept. over slow response in naming Benghazi terrorist groups: BPR
GOP Turns to Courts to Take On Obama: Roll Call
Darrell Do-Little and the Hapless Hans of the GOP strike (?) again.: SSI


A Question for the Press: George Kelly
To the official of the Connecticut State Police who attempted to call me last night.: SSI
A Correction from Paul Krugman: Kevin D. Williamson

Great White Whale Harpooned. RINOs, Hot Air Hardest Hit: Emperor Misha
Odds & Ends: Updates to Unemployment, Rachel Maddow, Dog Turd Posts: Ace

Compassionate Conservatives Are Confusing A Slogan With An Agenda: Ben Domenech
Judge Jeanine Scorches Obama For DOJ’s Partisan Politics: ‘Shame on You!’: Nice Deb
Texas movie theater cancels other movies to handle massive ‘Lone Survivor’ crowds: BPR


The Islamization of America in 2013: Pamela Geller
Obama’s Foreign Policy Taking Hits From All Sides As Dems Defect On Iran: Scoop
Christian Leader: Barack Obama Is ‘Paving the Way for the Antichrist’: GWP

Robert Gates inadvertently gives us a good look at @barackobama’s war insecurities.: Moe Lane
Rodman The Perfect Representative For Obama Diplomacy: RWN
Everyone But Muslims Shocked To Discover That Islam May Not Be A Religion Of Peace!: BCF

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Neiman Marcus Breach Could Be Part Of Larger Holiday Cyberattack On U.S. Retailers: Rip Empson
Brand Journalism: Embrace the Trend for Your Organization: Gini Dietrich
New Tactus Case Concept Brings A Disappearing Keyboard To The iPad: Chris Velazco


NOT A HOAX: Hunter claims to have killed BIGFOOT, says he has body, DNA evidence to prove it!: Scoop
JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! or, “If you like your job, let’s HOPE you can keep your job.”: MOTUS
Terryfing GoPro footage of Hawaiian plane crash from inside the cabin: Aviationist

Image: JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! or, “If you like your job, let’s HOPE you can keep your job.”
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QOTD: "The challenge of conservative governance in this era of the right’s muddled grappling with their ongoing philosophical disagreement will continue to create tensions between a faction that believes conservatism means doing the business of compassion more efficiently in pursuit of a vaguely defined public good, and one which believes it’s more important to restrain the warping effects of government and return the government to the role it occupied for most of American history, before LBJ set us on the path toward an unsustainable entitlement state… which was, if you think about it, entirely justified at the time if you adopted Gerson’s approach.

Here’s a hint: If your approach to conservative governance would justify the Great Society, it’s usually a sign you took a wrong turn somewhere. Maybe because the lights were all green." --Ben Domenech

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Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder said...

GoPro footage of air crash in Hawaii. Only person killed died after she was removed from the aircraft. She was the clerk who released The Current President's birth records. Video has been removed from YouTube.

Move along, nothing to see.