Monday, January 27, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The most dangerous years of the Obama presidency are upon us                  

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The most dangerous years of the Obama presidency are upon us: LI
Living in a Constitution-Free Zone: Silicon Graybeard
If you like Obama's executive orders, you are going to love 2014: Rick Moran

ObamaCare Forces Purge of Doctors From Medicare Advantage: Moe Lane
Backdoor Amnesty: Deportations Closed by ‘Prosecutorial Discretion’: TeaParty
Heroin Kingpin Busted in Florida is an Illegal Alien…on FOOD STAMPS: TRN

Chuck Schumer: Voice of the little man, courtier of plutocrats: Timothy P. Carney
“Gun free zones” again: Three killed in Columbia, MD Mall: Bob Owens
Most Americans Are Unaware Of [Insert Issue Here]: Gregory Ferenstein

GOP Senators: We're Kind Of Tired Of All The Focus On ObamaCare : Ace
Race War Heating Up: Federale
Rep. Ellmers backs conditional amnesty, fuels primary challenge: Neil Munro


Start of a Global Currency Crisis?: Mish
Venezuela "Law of Fair Prices" Bans Profits Over 30%: Mish
VC sparks outrage after suggesting U.S. faces a 'progressive Kristallnacht': Nick Allen

Scandal Central

Internal White House Document: Obama Dead Serious About Going The Dictator Route: WZ
Employee Who Denied Extra Security in Benghazi Promoted: Daniel Greenfield
Media Covered Up Bill Clinton’s 2008 Affair During Hillary’s Presidential Run: GWP

Climate & Energy

Rahm to Kill Rail Traffic: SCC
Kofi Annan: Climate Change Is Biggest Challenge, Like, Ever!: Cove
Keystone resistance sparks 700% spike in cash offers for land: CBC


Dinesh D’Souza’s New Film Trailer Released, “America”: WZ
With This I Can Rest My Case Against the Mainstream Media…: MB
CBS News Censors Sen. Ted Cruz Recitation of Obama's Abuse of Powers: Scoop

Is tide turning? Liberal writer supports Obama impeachment: Allen West
Walker 2016? Limbaugh fired up about news that should have caused a ‘political earthquake’: BPR
Senate candidate, US Congressman, giving away AR-15 because Obama wants it banned: BPR

The Hill shills for Obama, lies about approval ratings: FAM
Boycott Subway! It’s the national pastime: Minority Report
Washington Post Readers Already Freaking Out as Volokh Conspiracy Joins Their Cult: Ace


Evil in Full View: III Percent
Top Iranian military official warns Kerry against attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities: DC
Mexican Revolution Spreading: Robert Farago

DHS: People Who Break Border Laws Earned Citizenship, It’s Who We Are: Sara Noble
Yawning over the Latest from the Middle East: Daniel Pipes
Louie Gohmert on Obama Foreign Policy: Allies Distrust You, Enemies Mock You: TPNN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This guy explains really well the problem with Facebook: Scoop
The New Ammunition That Has Gun Owners Drooling: USA Carry
Portable Ultrasound: “The Stethoscope of the 21st Century”: TOS Blog


Arpaio makes good on threat; inmates get bread, water for defacing US flag: RWN
No Racism, No Sexism: Just Dancing in Our Judgment Free Zone.: MOTUS
Combat Patrol AAR: JC Dodge, Mason Dixon Tactical: Max Velocity Tactical

Image: Gilboa’s Double-Barreled AR-15, The “Snake,” Makes its American Debut
Sponsored by: Send a pink slip to Mitch McConnell: support Matt Bevin for Senate

QOTD: "While Democrats have a set script with regard to campaign rhetoric -- they demonize Republicans while claiming that only Democrats are concerned for the needy and less privileged -- in order to understand their true character, it is necessary to look at how they behave once they are in power. This is most clearly revealed through how they respond to perceived threats to their control of money.

Democrats have shown a consistent inability to balance budgets at the local, state, and national level. And after creating a fiscal crisis, Democrats always say that if they are not given more money "essential services" will be cut back. This implies that they will make the voters suffer if they are unable to persuade the GOP to give them more money by raising the deficit ceiling; revealing that they practice moral blackmail as standard operating procedure. Last year President Obama went out of his way to close off the WW II memorial to visiting veterans...

Democrats, paradoxically, always want to punish the poor whenever they don't get their way. And it's always about getting more money: they want the debt limit raised or taxes increased.

Voters fail to understand the true meaning of this tactic. If Democrats were really concerned for the poor, voters should expect them to say that they will make any spending cuts necessary in order to preserve essential services. They would bear any burden, climb any mountain, to make sure the elderly and most needy do not lose their essential Federal support. Instead, they hold the needy hostage to satisfy their insatiable lust for power and money."--Michael Bargo Jr.

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