Thursday, January 16, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Bic It Where The Sun Don't Shine

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Bic It Where The Sun Don't Shine: Hopenchange
Re-living History: Christian Mercenary
Despairing statement from a Florida physician will break your heart: Moe Lane

The Great GOP Establishment Amnesty Swindle: Daniel Horowitz
GOP Lays Ground Work to Walk Away From Obamacare Opposition: Erick Erickson
Mitch McConnell’s lead drops big: Dan Riehl

Jim Moran becomes 3rd House Dem this week to retire: Hot Air
Special election suggests Dems’ grip on Arkansas crumbling: David Freddoso

The Truth About Sandy Hook: PJM
Spengler's Universal Laws: American Digest
CT state police seek to question Vanderboegh in gun dispute: Anthony Martin


Obama the Droughtmaker: Doug Kimball
Scranton Residents Plead for Bankruptcy vs. Higher Taxes: Mish
California Democrat Wants Illegals to Get Free Government Healthcare: Eagle

Scandal Central

Five CMS contracts that CGI Federal still somehow holds: Patrick Howley
8 Terrible Acts of Jim Moran, America’s Worst Congressman: Mollie Hemingway
Republicans Singling Out the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Benghazi: Eli Lake

Climate & Energy

Emails Show Extensive Collaboration Between EPA, Environmentalist Orgs: WFB
Farmers, ranchers sue EPA for releasing confidential data to environmental kooks: NRO


The Media: The Illusion of Coverage: Fred on Everything
Is Chris Christie less believable than Tawana Brawley?: Ann Coulter
The ‘Lone Survivor’ Review So Outrageous Beck Will Pay Author to Read It To Marcus Luttrell’s Face: Blaze

Coburn to Congress: ‘The Problem Is Us’: PJM
Why Do We Have ‘Bridgegate’ — But Not ‘Gatesgate’?: Larry Elder
Amerika’s First, Historic, Community Organizer In Chief: With a Bullhorn: MOTUS


The cowardice of the new anti-Semitism: Victor Davis Hanson
Kerry's Peace Process Double Standards: Khaled Abu Toameh
Mexico: Military clash with cartel-fighting militias: Fausta

Rep. Trey Gowdy Wants A Subpoena for Hillary Clinton: RWN
Feinstein defends Clinton on Benghazi: No evidence she even knew about it so let’s move on: Scoop
Feinstein Admits 'NSA Reform' Bill Is About Protecting Existing Surveillance Programs : TechDirt

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What’s Net Neutrality? What Happened to Net Neutrality Yesterday? What Happens Next?: Peter Kafka
Trial seeks to provide hard data to answer FCC's indoor-location questions: Glenn Bischoff
Kvar Presents: It’s a Knife, it’s a Gun, no it’s both!: James Grant


How Reggie Became Tank...: 90 Miles
Go Ahead and Laugh Now: Feral Irishman
Chabad Rabbi wins his first MMA fight with TKO: Algemeiner

Image: CNN Reporter Covering New Pot Laws In Colorado Looks Completely Baked
Sponsored by: Send a love letter to the intransigent GOP Establishment: support Matt Bevin for Senate

QOTD: "In a paroxysm of patriotic musing, I reflected that Washington is an insular, incestuous, inward-looking city, chiefly interested in itself, so politically inbred as to be in danger of hemophilia, out of touch with reality, having remarkably little understanding of or interest in the rest of the country or the world. Isnl’t this wonderful?

Inbreeding? By comparison with the Yankee Capital, West Virginians are on the outer limits of hybrid vigor. We had Bush I, a mediocrity but no worse, and later Bush II, in whom mediocrity would have been a welcome astonishment. We had Clinton the First, Bill, who was at least intelligent, then almost had Clinton II, who instead became Secretary of State, for which her only qualification was having been First Basilisk. Hillary lost the presidency to Barack Obama, whose only qualification was being black and reading a teleprompter well. Next we are likely to get Hillary anyway, and before that we almost had Kerry, whose only qualification was having married a pickle heiress. He is now Secretary of State, for no discernible reason.

So it goes in the national sandbox." --Fred Reed

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