Saturday, January 18, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Bombshell: White House pressured Fox not to report on Benghazi Terror Attack

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Bombshell: White House pressured Fox not to report on Benghazi: YoungCons
The Root of Obama’s Imperious Presidency: Keith Koffler
White House caught red-handed lying about Obamacare enrollment: Scoop

Report: House GOP To Endorse Legalization of Illegal Immigrants: WZ
Illegal Wanted for Murder in Mexico Enjoys 13-Year Crime Spree in U.S.: Virtuous
Will Boehner Lose House by Shifting from Obamacare to Amnesty?: CIS

IRS Targeting and 2014: Kimberley Strassel
Cuomo: ‘Conservative Republicans… have no place in the state of New York’: JWF
Upset: GOP wins surprise blowout in Ark. Senate special election: Greenroom


Why is Obama Funding Food Stamp Ads in Mexico?: Glob
House GOP, Chamber of Commerce Team Up Against Unemployed: RWN
TX Congressional Candidate Responds To Latest Bad Budget Deal: Rhymes

Progressives' welfare state dream is really a nightmare: Susan Brown
Obamacare may have another gift for Republicans: Jonah Goldberg
States With Higher Dependence on Government Losing Population: Michael Barone

Scandal Central

Hillary Fired For “Lying, Unethical Behavior” on Watergate Committee: Downtrend
Was Benghazi a “Plan B?”: Matthew S. Harrison (2012)
Northern Resistance to Slavery is the Blueprint to Stop NSA Spying: TAC

Climate & Energy

Scientists Decide Americans Are Too Stupid to Understand Global Warming: R.S. McCain
Media and Global Warming Priests Puzzled by Bright Yellow Orb in Sky: MoneyRunner
Double down: EPA goes after lucrative mine project in second damning report: Dustin Hurst


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Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace.: III Percent
Obama Announces NSA Reforms: Gregory Ferenstein

A Fitting End to HBO's The Newsroom: Jonah Goldberg
Obama’s IRS Is Now Targeting Sarah Palin’s Father, Old Media Ignores: Wizbang
National Enquirer: Michelle Obama To Leave Barack Over Affair: John Hawkins


Kerry’s ‘Poor Jihadist’ Myth : Michelle Malkin
Julian Assange says President Obama lied in the NSA speech: GretaWire
A Man, a Plan, a Pipe — Manalapan!: GoV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Proofpoint reveals ‘Internet of things’ cyberattack: Krissy Rushing, TechTell
Google unveils contact lens that helps diabetics monitor glucose levels: Maclean's
Netflix neutrality: Court ruling won't boost your Netflix bill. Yet.: Joan E. Solsman


Historical Metropolitan Populations of the United States: Peakbagger
Regardless of what Dear Leader says, DON”T EAT THE PEAS!: MOTUS
Panel discussion: Mainstream Media Pundits wrap up 2007: Me

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QOTD: "Liberal pundits and reporters are utterly contemptuous of the idea that the Benghazi scandal will be a problem for her. Eugene Robinson writes today that the Senate Intelligence Report is a total exoneration of the administration. This is bizarre on many levels. It's also hard to square with the fact that the White House is livid with the Democrats who signed on to the report (or so a couple of Hill folks have told me). Why get furious at an exoneration?

The lack of curiosity about the report from the mainstream media is really remarkable. Why, exactly, aren't reporters camped outside Clinton's home demanding a reaction? I mean I understand that she didn't close a couple of lanes on the George Washington Bridge, but four murdered Americans, including a U.S. ambassador, is important, too. Maybe if she had joked about putting traffic cones in front of the embassy on September 11?

Still, it is obvious that this is bad news for Hillary Clinton. No, she won't be indicted. No, it won't sink her candidacy (if she runs). Yes, it's true: There aren't many Americans who would have otherwise voted for Hillary were it not for Benghazi. But when you have pretty much no real accomplishments to put on the pro side of the scale, and you have a U.S. ambassador murdered in an attack your department could have prevented (and which you subsequently lied about) on the con side of the scale, the scale simply won't balance in your favor. --Jonah Goldberg

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