Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Levin: We are witnessing a gradual, quiet coup!

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Levin: We are witnessing a gradual, quiet coup!: Scoop
History Lesson for the President: Betsy McCaughey
Dear Leader Vows to Continue Expansion of Executive Power: Glob

Cruz: Why didn't NSA spying stop Boston and Ft. Hood terror attacks?: TPNN
Obama Bails Out Insurers: Dick Morris
Wendy Davis’s Campaign Mocks Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed: RS

“Republican Main Street Partnership” is Democrat Funded: RS
More racial bias from Holder, and a message to white Americans: Allen West
Obama using rural school funds for nasty politicking: Outlooks


Income Inequality: Walter Williams
Bipartisan Spending Deal Keeps 90% of Veteran Pension Cuts In Place: WZ
Ryan Grilled by Hugh Hewitt over Budget Deal Cutting Military Pensions: Breitbart

Why NLRB v. Canning Happened: James Sherk
Killing the Golden Goose: Daniel Greenfield
Gun owner unarmed, unwelcome in Maryland: Tom Jackson

Scandal Central

US government finds no evidence to accuse itself of a crime: ProWis
The Fix is In In the IRS Abuse Scandal: Bryan Preston
FBI won’t press charges in IRS scandal; Issa blasts Holder’s credibility: BPR

Issa Explains Why He’s Against A Select Committee On Benghazi: Nice Deb
Further Proof That Obama Knew the Truth About Benghazi: AIM
Obama Made Sequestration as ‘Painful as Possible’ for Rural Schools: Tatler


WonkBlog's Red Herring: Instapundit
Feinstein reject NYT's Benghazi propaganda: Julian Pecquet, The Hill
CBS Ends 6-Month Censorship of IRS Scandal to Tell Viewers FBI Won't File Charges: MRC

Mark Levin, Kelli Ward, Article V, and the Mt. Vernon Conference: David Leeper
Propaganda And The Conspiracy Against Our Constitution: Publius Huldah
NFL diversity chair compares Lions hiring black coach to Obama being elected president: Marathon

Tamera Mowry Is Not Alone: Michelle Malkin
People Who Paid For Obamacare Are STILL Unable To Get Health Care: RWN
CFOs to Employees: Prepare To Share Obamacare Pain: Minority Report


DNC Chair tells Florida press she's for sanctions, tells DC press she's for Obama: WFB
Putin Vs. Obama: Cube
Rouhani: World powers ‘surrendered’ to Iran with nuclear deal: Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

D.C. Circuit Rejects “Net Neutrality” Rule: Jonathan H. Adler, Volokh Conspiracy
NSA put secret implants into “nearly 100,000″ computers: GigaOm
Ancient calendar offers glimpse of biblical times: Hayom


If he will lie to his wife, he will also lie...: MOTUS
Killary: iOTW
Real-life version of "Breaking Bad" blue meth is showing up on the streets in NM: KTIV

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QOTD: "...the government has decided, after what it will call careful examination, not to charge itself for its own internal lawlessness and vindictiveness.

John Boehner, I will point out for the hundredth time, never appointed a specific select committee to investigate what we all know, despite the FBI’s denials, was, in fact, an “enemy hunt.” And the reason, as I speculated at the time and continue to believe even more firmly now — and to my knowledge, was the first person to make the claim publicly and unabashedly — is that either by omission or (even more likely) at least partial commission, both establishment parties, that is, the ruling class, will have its fingerprints somewhere on this noxious torment of US citizens engaging in political activism, and so neither is eager for any serious investigation into the matter.

One need look no further than the Rovean, establican, Chamber of Commerce, and Facebook/Google-funded “conservative” action groups formed by ruling class embeds who live like cysts on the body politic and who have made it quite clear that they are willing — together, as a matter of pulled resources and a joint rhetorical effort — to decimate and delegitimate constitutionalists and classical liberals who have had the temerity to insist that the government is theirs and doesn’t belong solely to elected representatives who, once appointed to office, are free to line their own pockets, accrue their own perks and power, and disregard the wishes of those by whom they were elected, to understand that both parties likely had a hand in pressuring the IRS into more thoroughly scrutinizing the TEA Party groups. And if that held those groups up, or weakened them during election and primary season? Oh well. Such is life." --Jeff Goldstein

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You do understand that the government has more tools to spy on us than ever before?