Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Leave Us (the Hell) Alone

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Leave Us Alone: Erick Erickson
Obama To Americans: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free: It Makes Sense
Steve King: SOTU is about splitting the Republican Party: Scoop

Why the Republican Leaders Are So Desperate For Amnesty : John Hawkins
Dear America, here’s your neutered Republican Party leadership: Scoop
House Dem: ObamaCare unraveling because young won’t sign up: Hot Air

Why Rich People Feel Persecuted: Instapundit
DHS Secretary: Murderer, Not Caught For 10 yrs, You're a Hero: Karl Denninger
Three Charts to Cheer a Conservative's Heart: ConIntel

Evil: III Percent
The Inequality Bogeyman: Thomas Sowell
An Empty Suit Prepares To Deliver an Empty Speech: Power Line


The Paradox of Public Assistance: David J. Hebert
AFSCME in dues freefall after Wisconsin labor union reforms: Moe Lane
Hillary: I haven’t driven a car in 18 years: Hot Air

Scandal Central

From freedom to fascism: NoisyRm
Ted Cruz describes what Hillary Clinton would do 'if she really was sorry' about Benghazi: Joel Gehrke
Murder in the U.S.: Publiusetiam (2013)

“Schindler’s List” Producer Gerald Molen Says “I Never Feared My Government Until Now”: John Hawkins
James O’Keefe: Gov. Cuomo is targeting us: Scoop
Rep. Jim Bridenstine host father of slain Benghazi SEAL at SOTU: Twitchy

Climate & Energy

Climate Change vs Free Speech: Mark Steyn
Europe Dumps Global Warming Efforts; Good Idea?: Mish
Jay Carney: Obama Won’t Take His Pen To Approve Keystone Pipeline And Create Jobs: LoneCon


Call To Arms: @MarkSteynOnline Needs Our Support: Camp o' the Saints
He's the Smartest President Ever, so give him easy words: Sister Toldjah
Ruth Marcus: Monica Lewinsky Was Asking For It: TruthRevolt

WaPo/ABC News Poll: 63 Percent Have “No Confidence” In Obama: WZ
A Very Sincere Thank You to @Gretawire: Erick Erickson
You said a mouthful: Hopenchange

A Nation of Criminals: John Hayward
Doctor Schumer Auditions for Regime Minister of Propaganda: Lee Cary
Christie Decried Fort Lee Having 3 Dedicated Lanes Onto the GWB in December: Breitbart


White House Speechwriter Jokes About “Polish Death Camp” Incident: Free Patriot
The Future Under ObamaCare: Man Found Dead in ER After Waiting Eight Hours for a Doctor : JWF
Protests in Ukraine: Illustrated Timeline: AP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Report: Phishing Attacks Enabled SEA To Crack CNN's Social Media: Tim Wilson
Microsoft admits email hack as Syrian Electronic Army gloats: John E Dunn, TechWorld
Samsung’s Google Glass competitor, ‘Galaxy Glass,’ could debut in September: Devindra Hardawar


Mexclusive!! IRS Releases New Simplified Tax Form 1040 TEA-EZ for Tea Party Taxpayers!!: Sooper
Video Killed the Radio Star. Teleprompters Killed…: MOTUS
Comparing Hitler and The Nazi’s Must End: Even If Perkins Has a Point: P&F

Image: Video Killed the Radio Star. Teleprompters Killed…
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QOTD: "That some of the poor get most of their income from the government is not to argue that welfare recipients are lazy or don’t wish to work. Rather it suggests that the incentives they face may make them reluctant to accept employment opportunities at offered wages. We can think through this proposition logically: Suppose I offer you $240 per week in financial aid while you are between jobs. You would be receiving that money for zero hours of work per week. Being an honest person, you go out and look for work, eventually finding a job that pays you $8 per hour, or $320 per week working full time. Should you take that job?

On the one hand, you would receive more money by taking that job than you would by accepting the aid. However, economics teaches us the value in thinking at the margin. Doing so reveals that you would only receive an additional $120 per week in exchange for your 40 hours of work. In other words, taking into account your opportunity cost, you would really only be earning $3 per hour! While I certainly cannot speak for everyone, I feel reasonably confident in saying that few people in this country value their time at only $3 per hour. Realizing this, it is no puzzle why people receiving aid tend to stay unemployed for so long." --David J. Hebert

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