Friday, January 24, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The US Chamber of Commerce Versus America

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The US Chamber of Commerce Versus America: Michelle Malkin
Obama blows through debt ceiling in 3 months: WyBlog
Tea Party still living rent-free in Schmucky Schumer's head: JWF

CT citizens not registering “assault weapons”, “high-cap” magazines: Bob Owens
SCOTUS Abramski ruling could limit Obama's radical gun-control aims: Emily Miller
DOD Lets U.S. Soldiers Keep Religious Beards, Tattoos, Piercings: Breitbart

Wendy Davis Backers Now Mocking Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed: LifeNews
Obamacare support hits (another) new low: Bluegrass Pundit
Wendy Davis Touts Her New Idea, Which Is Already State Law: Bryan Preston

News from around the (banana) Republic: Cold Fury
Fact-Free Liberals: Part IV: Thomas Sowell
Quotes: Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood: Diane Dew


Union leaders getting rich with money taken from members: RWN
Obamas, Bidens spent $295,437 on just one vacation weekend: Paul Bedard
White House warns GOP: Raise the borrowing limit without strings: Times

Scandal Central

Ted Cruz Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate IRS: RWN
Of Course: Conservative Group of Actors Being Harassed by the IRS: JWF
Who Paid for Michelle's 50th Birthday Bash? Carney Won't Say.: BPR

Dinesh D’Souza Indicted for Campaign Finance Fraud: Colin Campbell
D'Souza Co-Producer Claims Indictment Politically Motivated!: Scoop
Look At What Wendy Davis Left Off of Her Website: Bryan Preston

Geithner Threatened Standard & Poor's With Retaliation After Downgrade: IBD
New From Citizens United: Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony, One Year Later : Scoop
Fast and Furious: DoJ Inspector General looking into missing third gun: Toldjah

Climate & Energy

Global Warming Scientist To Be Cross-examined Under Oath: Ace
Europe Retreats From Clean-Energy Ambitions: NatlJrnl


AWESOME: CNN interviews Matt Bevin on his race against Mitch McConnell: Scoop
Wendy Davis Fanboi Andrea Mitchell Downplays Dishonest Bio: 'She Slightly Altered Her Resume': MRC
Excited Chris Matthews: Hillary Might Win 60% of the Vote in 'Sweeping' 2016 Landslide!: MRC

Prospects For A Resurgent Tea Party In 2014: Sarah Marie Brenner
Government Privacy Board: NSA Metadata Collection Is Illegal: Ace
Sundance Film Review #1: Afronauts: MOTUS


Obama Administration to Israel: Call Off the Jews, Please: Seth Mandel
The world's most ancient Christian communities are being destroyed and no one cares: The Week
Sweden turning to capitalism as money for government spending runs out: Knight

Obama's Iran nuke includes secret side deal: FAM
Military pulls MRI machines for treating troops from war zone: AirForceTimes
‘Top Secret’ Documents Implicate Obamas, Clintons: Shoebat

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

CNN Sites Get Hacked: Syrian Electronic Army claims responsibility: Techland
Google's ready to give away over $2.7 million to folks that hack Chrome OS successfully: Michael Gorman
Developer tells Google about Chrome browser listening risk: Nancy Owano


Who Goes Nazi?: Dorothy Thompson, Harper's (August 1941)
If Alison Howard Is With Us, Who Can Be Against Us?: Robert Charette
Barack Hussein Soebarkah?: Jason Kissner

Image: If Alison Howard Is With Us, Who Can Be Against Us?
Sponsored by: Send your pink slip to Mitch McConnell: support Matt Bevin for Senate

QOTD: "...the Chamber [of Crony Capitalism] has already spent close to $50 million lobbying for amnesty, and you will realize that the fix is in. All of the top House Republicans – Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, and Ryan – along with the largest establishment lobbying empire, plan to push amnesty even with Obama in the White House.

Let this seep in for a few minutes. The entire force of the GOP establishment is being applied towards Obama’s most cherished agenda item for his second term, not towards fighting Obamacare and the debt ceiling. While Americans are concerned about out-of-control government, Obamacare, debt, and jobs, these clowns are concerned about illegal immigrants, foreign lobbies, and special interests." --Daniel Horowitz

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