Thursday, January 16, 2014

Obama admission: I'm a terrible communicator and can't convince anyone that my policies make sense

While many pundits have correctly pointed out that Barack Obama's latest public statements sound like those of a Third World dictator, that's not the only takeway.

One of the things that I’ll be emphasizing in this meeting is the fact that we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to ensure Americans are provided with the help that they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone. And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward.

One of the things I’m going to be talking to my cabinet about is how do we use all the tools available to us, not just legislation in order to advance a mission that I think unifies all Americans.

While Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton each were able to work with a Congress controlled by the other party to achieve significant accomplishments, Obama has all but admitted his failings.

I can't convince anyone that I'm right. I can't work with the other party. I have no persuasive skills. I'm a horrible communicator. And, because I'm a failure, I refuse to work within the confines of the Constitutional structure.

I don't play well with others.

I'm a tiny little child and no one else can play with my toys.

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Doom said...

If he believes that he is also an idiot.

Trying to sell a drowning man a glass of water, trying to sell people lost in the desert sand, and giving the key to the defending gates to the enemy of a people already under threat, are the problems. What is he, an Ivy Leaguer or something?

Anonymous said...

You folks got to remember that Barrack is drunk on power.

Plus the people he has around him.

The left wing is in charge and that is like giving the crooks the key's to the safe. said...

This guy is the freak we all here knew him to be from the first day he showed his puss on national tv.

The problem is the factual ignorance of half the nation -- even otherwise educated people. The culprit? The wholly corrupt American 'news' and entertainment media. The rot within our nation can be placed squarely on their lying shoulders.

We need to boycott them until they are broken.

Anonymous said...

There was a question asked about the internet and print media of which the media finally got the answer.

Would the internet over take print media? The answer was NO.

The media really could care less about bloggers.

It matters not to them whether the bloggers are democrat, or Republican.

Gods honest truth. No lies, no games, nothing.

I promise to ALL of YOU bloggers out there. You mean NOTHING to them.

For the rest of us who post in the blogs? We are less than nothing.

It aint NO GAME.

Anonymous said...

These words are not only the words of an angry and bitter man but, also one knowing that he has failed.
It's galling him not to be adored anymore; his handlers are getting impatient with him diddling around rather than implementing 'their' agenda. He is a lame duck, rudderless and, the 'real' president behind the curtain is stumbling from one f/u to the next. The stakes are high.
He has lost control; he knows he's almost found out.
He is also most dangerous at this time and, can't be trusted.

Jason in KT said...

He gives a heck of a speech, though. He's great with the way he tilts up his chin and that look left, talk, look right, talk, thing. And sometimes he pronounces foreign words with a pretty close approximation to how a native speaker would pronounce them.