Friday, January 17, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Mitch McConnell hearts Obamacare

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Mitch McConnell hearts Obamacare: Erick Erickson
It's a River of Bulls***: Ace
The Left's Reordering of Human Desire: Harrison Dietzman

Just How Out of Touch is the Ruling Class?: Daniel Horowitz
Obama administration poised to give incredible gift to GOP: Jonah Goldberg
Holmes Helps Americans Go To Hell: Timothy Sandefur

Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) tries to run against Obamacare. :pause: Umm…: Moe Lane
Levin calls on Republicans to boycott the State of the Union: Scoop
Will New Bill Nullify Federal Gun Laws In Tennessee?: Ben Swann

Obama administration mandates racism in schools: Mona Charen
Don't Like My Article? I Will Sue!: Dollar Vigilante
Imperial, Lawless Obama Threatens More Unilateral Action: David Limbaugh


America drops off list of top 10 economically free nations: Frugal Cafe
Here It Comes: Obama Considering Executive Order To Raise Minimum Wage: ZH
Who Read 1,582-Page $1.1T Spending Bill? Congressman: 'Nobody Did': CNS

Scandal Central

The families of the victims in Benghazi deserve the truth: Ted Cruz
Damning: New GAO Timeline Shows Obama MIA During Benghazi Attacks: TPNN
NSA collecting SMS messages in bulk, says reporting based on latest Snowden document: David Perera

Climate & Energy

Sessions Hammers EPA Administrator Unable to Defend Obama's Claims on Global Warming: Breitbart
UN climate chief: Mass-murdering Communists are best at fighting global warming: Michael Bastasch
Canada: New proving ground for eco-terrorism: Kathy Shaidle


NBC Silent on $7.3 Million from Soros for Special Anchor’s Liberal Report: Mike Ciandella
Media types aren't pleased to have real information about Obama:: Ace
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Rev. Wright Trashes Obama At Chicago Union Event: Shark Tank
Time Cover? A Giant Hillary With A Tiny Man On her Shoe Of Course!: Tammy Bruce
Levin to Krauthammer and Will: See, I told you Obamacare wouldn’t implode: Mofo

Krauthammer: Insecurity on is a Disaster Waiting to Happen: Glob
MOTUS Gets Mail: The Secrets to Michelle Obama’s “Signature Look”: MOTUS
Benghazi a pre-planned Movie Narrative?: Shoebat


Senior UK Defense Advisor: Obama Is Clueless About ‘What He Wants To Do In The World’: Daily Beast
John Kerry, Jihad Coddler: Michelle Malkin
Obama Calls Dominican Republic ‘the Dominican Republican’: WFB

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Adobe introduces support for 3D printing to Photoshop: Ken Yeung, NextWeb
Skype’s Incredible Rise, in One Image: Tom Gara
U.S. Military Begins Testing ‘Smart’ Rifles: DefTech


Oh, now who hasn’t wanted to do this?: Sondrakistan
Where it will be fought: Winter Soldier
Ice Advice: C&S

Image: A Brief History Of Jim Cramer's Opinions On "Pillar Of Strength" Best Buy
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QOTD: "Just connect the dots. The Chamber of Commerce says it is going to work to fix, not repeal, Obamacare. A top policy wonk who has Mitch McConnell’s ear is starting a think tank to fix, not repeal, Obamacare. The Chamber of Commerce is going to attack conservatives in Republican Primaries. The Republican Main Street Partnership is getting Democrat money to join them. McConnell sends his current Chief to the NRSC, which in turn black balls a political shop helping conservatives. The NRCC joins in the black balling.

Folks, you may want to sit it out. You may think all Republicans will advance in your direction. But all the talk about the GOP just fighting over tactics is crap. This is a fight over the direction of the party and whether it will repeal Obamacare or work with Democrats to fix it.

Mitch McConnell and his ilk no longer believe the problem with government is government. They believe the problem with government is Democrats in charge of it. If you want to clean up the mess in Washington, you can no longer just vote Republican. You have to vote against Mitch McConnell and his preferred candidates inside Republican primaries." --Erick Erickson


Anonymous said...

Instead of the conservative candidate for office telling the voters the reason why he opposes and will seek to end the destructive socialist program, he will tell assure the voters how much more efficiently he can run it compared to those wasteful socialists who presently run it.

Just like we have seen for decades and generations with the socialist government public education program. Instead of fighting to end this program that wastes money and destroys the future of our youth, no, Republicans assure voters that they will spend even more on it.

Kathy Shaidle said...

Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Your way has been tried already Doug with disastrous results to the republican party.

No Republican in their right mind will play that game again.