Monday, January 27, 2014

I fixed the New York Times Magazine's "Planet Hillary" Cover. For the Third and Final Time.

I kinda think this one nails it. Pretty much a "Dadaist masterpiece", eh, Juli Weiner? Lotsa "gravitational pull", right, Amy Chozick?

Click here for my first attempt to fix "Planet Hillary":

And here for my second attempt:

Yes, I have a gift.


vanderleun said...

That's it. Time for an intervention.

directorblue said...

I can stop anytime.

V. said...

directorblue said...
I can stop anytime.

Yeah, right! But I do think you've nailed it this time.

Anonymous said...

Bad moon setting. Just ask Vince.

Anonymous said...

Better yet.

I see a bad moon risen.