Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nancy's swamp continues to overflow: Robert Wexler latest to float to the surface

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi! You really drained the swamp, what with Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, William Jefferson, Allan Mollohan, Harry Reid, Jack Murtha and now... Robert Wexler. Ben Barrack points us to fascinating report on Wexler's Web:

Florida congressman and Barack Obama Florida campaign chairman Robert Wexler has allegedly filed 25 amended FEC reports in the days immediately following Bill O'Reilly busting him in front of his Maryland home on camera.

As some might remember, Bill O'Reilly caught Florida Congressman Robert Wexler on tape admitting that he claimed a home owned by his in-laws as his primary residence (in Florida) while he lived in Maryland. Florida has no state income tax.

This was discovered on 7/22/08.

Wexler's opponent seems to have a very compelling argument that there is much more on Wexler needing to be revealed (see link below). Wexler's campaign allegedly submitted 25 amended FEC reports between 7/23/08 (one day after O'Reilly busted him) and 7/30/08.

The one common thread running through all of the amended reports? Any contributions shown to come from a company called Newbridge Securities were re-assigned to other companies, some of which were OUT OF BUSINESS at the time they supposedly now contributed.

If these allegations are true, the Wexler campaign could be guilty of money laundering and multiple FEC violations.

Read the report. I'll eagerly await the New York Times' blockbuster exposé on Wexler's activities.

Update: It figures Department -- "Cold Cash" Jefferson just won the Democratic primary in Louisiana.

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