Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Michelle Obama Middle Class Tax Cut Diet

10-21-2008 Update: The New York Post reports that they were duped and the story about Michelle's order was bogus.

A couple of days ago Michelle Obama reportedly ordered room service for an afternoon snack at the Waldorf=Astoria in New York City. It was a typical middle-class snack that epitomizes the suffering of the working-man during these hard financial times.

Two (2) Thai Lobster Bisque: $22.00 prepared with Mango Caviar, Coconut, Lime and Lemongrass

One (1) 1 oz. Tin Iranian Caspian Imperial Caviar: $299.00

Two (2) Maine Lobster: $102.00

Two (2) San Pelligrino sparkling waters: $16.00

Two (2) Krug Champagne Grande Cuvee Brut 750ML: $590.00

The Obama's bill for an afternoon snack (estimated, with tip): $1235.00

Remember: they're fighting for the middle class, folks. And to do so, the Obamas need to take the extra dough from Joe the Plumber, who I guess surpassed the threshold for the American dream, and spread the wealth around.

And you're wondering why there hasn't been an investigation of the Fannie and Freddie meltdowns that triggered a global economic crisis? Don't worry, peons, the Obamas have bigger lobsters to fry.

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