Saturday, October 11, 2008

1988: Michelle Obama and Bernadine Dohrn first cross paths

Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers has received much attention for his many ties to Barack Obama. And Obama's obfuscation (some would say coverup) of those ties have drawn further scrutiny. Ayers wife, Bernadine Dohrn, was another member of the Weatherman Organization and equally unrepentant. To this day the pair advocate the overthrow of the United States government and have been staunch supporters of Barack Obama since his early days in Chicago.

In 1988 Bernadine Dohrn and Michelle Obama appear to have crossed paths at the Chicago office of the law firm Sidley Austin. Both worked at the firm in the late 1980's.

I imagine this is how their first conversation might have gone.

Michelle: Bernadine? I'm Michelle, the new associate, nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you!

Bernadine: Michelle, so nice to meet you. Everything you heard, well, it's probably true -- and then some! (**giggles**)

Michelle: I heard you and your friends set off dozens of bombs and killed twelve cops! Is that true?

Bernadine: Yep! Hey... you're not wearing a wire, are you?

Michelle: Heck, no! Truth be told... I've never been proud of my country either!

Bernadine: Well, then, sister... in strictest confidence, I'm most disappointed with the "one that got away."

Michelle: What do you mean?

Bernadine: The big bomb we were building in 1970. That was the one that took out three of us.

Michelle: I heard about that! A monster bomb that accidentally blew up half a city block in Greenwich Village?

Bernadine: One and the same. We were going to drive that baby to an officer's dance at Fort Dix in New Jersey. We could've killed hundreds! That would have showed the war-lovers!

Michelle: What went wrong?

Bernadine: I heard that someone had a single wire out of place! A damn shame. Oh well, at least one good thing came out of that premature explosion.

Michelle: What's that?

Bernadine: Well, it did take out Diana, my husband Bill's old girlfriend. I was there to help console him, if you know what I mean (**winks**)

Michelle: Say, my boyfriend Barack and I aren't doing anything this weekend. Do you guys have plans?

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