Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Highlights" of Bill Ayers' indoctrination speech to students

Our favorite terrorist, Bill Ayers, visited Waltham, Massachusetts yesterday and spoke to a crowd of students and faculty at Brandeis University.

The uber-liberal institution welcomed the Communist crackpot with open arms, despite a firestorm of controversy over offering a bully pulpit to an accused cop-killer.

Ariel Wittenberg reported on the event:

[Ayers spoke] about the three steps it takes to be an activist and make a difference in the world... Open their eyes, act, and then question their actions, said Ayers, who was invited to speak at the university's Shapiro Campus Center by Students for a Democratic Society and Democracy for America. Only Brandeis students and professors were allowed to attend.

"Opening your eyes is easier to say than it is to do," he said to an audience of about 100. "You don't want to know too much because if you know too much, that means you're required to do something. But we must look and see what's happening."

Ayers continued to say that after one sees what is happening, one must act "in the public square, even if it's an imperfect act, you must do something."

Even more important than taking action, however, Ayers said, is for students to evaluate those actions and ask themselves if they had learned anything and if they had taught anyone.

Bask in the genius of Bill Ayers, students! Had I only the funds for a Brandeis education, I too could be indoctrinated by a terrorist who, but for a technicality, would be serving a life sentence in Leavenworth.

"If you don't do those two things, you get smug and you have an inability to doubt your actions that results in dogma... You get too caught up in the well-lit prison cell of a single idea and then that runs amok, and you don't have to be a hardcore leftist or one of the Fox News loons."

Ayers is also concerned that people will become complacent now that Obama is President.

He paraphrased JFK, counseling the students to ask not what Obama could do for them, but instead ask "what did you do today to accomplish [Obama's agenda]"?

"Obama will not save us," he said. "But with any luck, we can organize and we can save Obama."

My heavens, the shining beacon of brilliance that is Bill Ayers.

Noting the student protesters who contested his speech, he thanked Sarah Palin, calling her "his agent".

"But, in all seriousness, I'm tempted to thank my agent Sarah Palin for bringing out this audience tonight. Because I spoke at universities before the election and no one ever cared as much as they do now."

Outside of the auditorium, a group of student protesters stood in a "free speech zone" designated by Brandeis Public Safety for members of the community who disagreed with Ayers' speech.

In the zone were students from Brandeis, Bentley University, Babson College and College of the Holy Cross.

Andrew Crowley, a junior at Holy Cross said "I think Bill Ayers ought to be in jail... If I were a Brandeis student, I would be dissatisfied with the way my money was being spent."

Well done, Mr. Crowley.

I'll see you in the re-education camp.

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