Monday, May 10, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: DOJ Tells Intel Community to Stonewall Congress

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DOJ Tells Intel Community to Stonewall Congress: Corner
SCOTUS fight: boxing Elena: Malkin
AYFKM? A medal for 'courageous restraint'?: WashExam

Obama's La Raza Ties: RWN
Border Security is President's Job, Like It Or Not: PJM
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Frank tiptoed through the tulips while GSEs kerploded: VS
The fruits of socialism: ELL
In bed with Fannie and Freddie: Times

Europe prepares nuclear response to save EMU: Telegraph
Latest bill for U.S. to save EU: $57B: ZH
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Climate & Energy

Cap-and-Trade Is Back: AT
Deepwater Horizon: a Firsthand Account: RigZone
War, Pestilence, Famine: Climate and the Cold: PJM


Why Do They Hate Elena Kagan?: LegalIns
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Tea Parties and Racism: AT
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Media Matters' Hysterical and Hypocritical Outrage: Con4Palin

What a Difference a Week Makes: RWN
Chuck DeVore Is So Not The Jerkinator!: Riehl
Nothing Says ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ Like a Donation to Planned Parenthood: BlogProf


Faisal Shahzad, Subprime Terrorist?: Steyn
A Lexicon has been... failed: CFB
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A Misguided Approach to Peacemaking: AT
Melanie Phillips: US not learning from mistakes of UK on Islamic radicalization: Jawa
El-Erian: Europe Is Now In Totally Uncharted Waters: Insider


Key Wireless and Mobile Themes from Interop 2010: NetWorld
Hay for Oil Spill is No Plan: Sensing
Report: Apple developing a Flash alternative: CNet


Betty White - SNL Digital Short: Mediaite (Language)
Offend a Feminist: Love, Honor and Obey: Camp of the Saints (NSFW)
Work in Progress: iOTW

Image: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2010)
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QOTD: Obama's new spending will result in a 14.5 percent increase in the number of federal employees in just two years. And he has looked after union interests with particular zeal, whether at General Motors and Chrysler, or by funneling one-third of stimulus spending to state and local governments, or by repealing the rule that required unions to disclose their spending.

And in a corrupt feedback loop that may not be so very different after all from the Greek practice, public employee unions give generously to Democratic candidates, both in cash contributions and by manning phone banks, getting out the vote, and so on.

It's no coincidence that the states with the most powerful public sector unions -- New Jersey, California, and New York -- are facing the most severe budget crises.   -- Mona Charen


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