Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Photos: War on the streets of Greece as public sector unions and Communists rebel against austerity measures

It was chaos on the streets of Greece today as anti-austerity protests turned violent around the country. The debt-ridden country had gone, hat in hand, to the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with an implicit threat: bail us out, or the whole EU could collapse.

The EU and IMF were forced to come up with a plan to save the Greek financial system -- primarily because European banks owe so much Greek debt. But they also laid down the law to the Greek government: cut public sector employment to the bone, get your financial house in order, otherwise -- no deal. And, as predicted, the public sector unions and other hard-core leftists aren't playing ball with the terms of the proposed bailout. The country was paralyzed with nationwide strikes today and three employees were killed when a bank was set afire.

Lest you think this sort of thing could never happen here, consider the bankrupt city of Oakland, California: the bluest of cities in the bluest of states. A real Democrat and public sector union -- but I repeat myself -- stronghold.

The party is over for Oakland even whether its city council is willing to admit it or not. As always, union contracts and pension benefits drove the city into the ground.

"...Oakland voters will likely be asked in November to approve higher taxes to halve a $42 million deficit, but even if they agree, the city will face an even deeper crisis within months... The biggest portion of that budget shortfall is a debt payment of $43.9 million due July 1, 2011, to the old Police and Fire Retirement System. The payment would be more than 10 percent of the roughly $400 million city budget."

The main problem facing the city is their absurdly generous pension system called PFERS. City Administrator Dan Lindheim says "PFERS is locked in stone. It's impossible to change."

That is one hell of an attitude to take when the city you are running is bankrupt.

...Unfortunately for Oakland, its teachers do not understand simple math. The city is broke, bankrupt, yet Oakland teachers vote to OK a strike, insisting on a wage hike.

"Oakland teachers are ready to strike again if necessary if talks sour at the bargaining table, union officials said Tuesday... On the heels of last week's one-day walkout, the teachers voted 565-184 late Monday to give union leaders the option to 'take further actions to secure a fair contract, up to and including a strike' ...Union leaders have said a raise must be part of any deal... Administrators have said they can't afford it, given an $85 million budget shortfall for the next school year."

The vote authorizing a strike was 565-184. This tells me that a minimum of 565 Oakland teachers are unfit to teach because they do not comprehend simple math. They should be fired.

When ever you think the bloated public sector union bosses have hit bottom, they find a new trapdoor to drop into and keep digging. So, yes, unfortunately Greece could happen here if we don't restore Constitutionality to our system of government -- and soon.

Update: The 'anti-austerity' riots in Greece.


Toaster 802 said...

If they strike, fire them.

Cops, firemen, teachers, all of them. If they riot, tase, gas, club them. They love to do it so much they should get a taste of their own meds. If they get the gangs to join in with them, shoot to kill. These "people" would destroy the country to get there's.

There is enough unemployed to fill the ranks...Quickly.

Dump the pensions and tell them to enjoy the things unions have shoved down our throats. SSI, Obamacare.

Hasa lavista, baby...

Anonymous said...

No riots in Oakland. As long as the race concious Obammunist regime rules, money will be transferred form the workers to the looters.

The Greek police should be armed with guns, and shoot to kill anyone throwing a fire bomb. It is clearly a deadly weapon.

Ed Mahmoud, anonymous poster.

Chaz said...

If the cops had half a brain they wouldn't show up for work one day.

I'm serious.

They're not paid enough for this. No one is.

It's not their fault the system's so screwed up... so why are they the ones getting firebombed.

At some point, you gotta see the system for what it is: a rotten mess. You either scrap it and rebuild, or get out of the way so that when it falls, it doesn't fall on you.

The people would realize all these commie union types just want chaos so they can take power.

And for once, the government would have to defend it's actions.