Tuesday, March 10, 2015

20 Funniest Reactions to Hillary's Catastrophic Email Press Conference

Maybe her illegal email server -- which explicitly violates the Federal Records Act -- will turn up in the White House someday like those infamous Rose Law Firm files?

How bad was the Hillary presser?

Doug Mataconis, who ain't exactly a member of the legendary Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, wasn't even remotely satisfied by Clinton's presser.

...Clinton’s response today did nothing to answer the questions regarding the security issues that seem rather self-evident here. Just how secure was this private server that Clinton utilized, for example? She said today that the server had been set up when her husband left office and that it was “guarded” by the Secret Service, but that doesn’t really answer potential concerns about hacking, which has nothing to do with the physical security of the server. It’s also unclear whether regular backups were made of the server, and who has control over those backups, and whether or not encryption was used in her communications with State Department and other government employees. It’s also unclear at the moment whether she ever used this personal email account to communicate with representatives of foreign nations, which would raise security issues all its own.

If Hillary Clinton’s intention in today’s press conference was to try to put this story to an end, then I would say that she failed miserably in that regard. At least for the moment, this story is not going away.

When you've lost Doug Mataconis...

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One more bad judgement call...
...and not the worst, either.

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Here's the best I've seen:
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