Sunday, March 15, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Valerie Jarrett behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

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Valerie Jarrett behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal: Edward Klein
Headed for disaster in the nuclear deal with Iran: Fred Barnes
Senate panel probes White House ties to anti-Netanyahu effort: Fox

Obama Screws the Middle Class Again: Rick Jensen
When Fraud Is The Government Model: Market Ticker
Why Won’t Anyone Challenge Hillary?: David Harsanyi

Ted Cruz: Obama legacy will be GOP president fixing his mistakes: Times
What Cruz Told Beck May Be Clearest Signal Yet He’s Running for President: Blaze
WV Senate OKs Article V convention to tackle budget issues: Joel Ebert

Standing Ovation: Rand Paul Blows Away Liberal Black Audience: Breitbart
REVOLT: County GOP votes “No Confidence” in Boehner-McConnell: LI
We need to hold this convention: Richard E. Hancock


Schools discovered in major student visa scam for illegals: Jazz Shaw
Obama, Wife Fly To L.A. On Same Day -- Different Planes: Rip Curl
The Entire White Fraternity System Is Totally Racist Or Something: RWN

Scandal Central

Obamnesty appears destined for Supreme Court: Brian Hughes
State Department contradicts Hillary Clinton's email claim: Philip Klein
Oklahoma Democrat Wants Christian Businesses To Self-Identify With Notices In Windows: Jawa

Climate & Energy

The First Family Fights Global Warming Fiercely!: Ed Driscoll
NASA Signals Crisis: “California Has About One Year of Water Left”: Mac Slavo
Al Gore Takes Fossil Fueled Flight To Tell Warmists To Organize On The Internet: RWN


Post Pins Leaks About Hillary Clinton’s Emails on Obama Senior Adviser: Blaze
An Open Letter to Maureen Dowd
Hilarity Ensues After DNC Chair Asks THIS Question On Twitter: Matt Schuck

When Journalists Rape: GoV
If It's Working, It's Only Because Some Of Us Are Helping: Springer
Pi Day Special: Common Core for the Common Man: MOTUS

Leftists: Damaged individuals who have formed a priesthood to take revenge on society: Bookworm
Dolce & Gabbana: “The only family is the traditional one”: Matthew Schmitz
The compassionate hearts at CSGV: Gun-Free Zone


Iran Deal Secrets Revealed – by Iran: Kenneth R. Timmerman
ISIS DAESH Videos: Urban Infidel
Netanyahu: I won't agree to rotation government with Herzog: Hayom

REPORT: Russian Hackers Infiltrate State Dept Email: Rip Curl
Killing Nemtsov: predicted by Putin, offed by the Motherland: Cube
Kremlin Publishes New Picture of Putin Amid Concerns About Absence: Interpreter

America is Losing the War Against Sunni Jihadists and Empowering The Shia Caliphate: Breitbart
Jon Voight supports Netanyahu in new ad, says Obama abandoning Israel: Scoop
Kerry says Iran deal hopefully in ‘next days’: Bradley Klapper

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Chemistry 3D Printer Can Synthesize Molecules From Scratch: PopMech
First Active Hydrothermal System Found beyond Earth: SciAm
Modern shrimp evolved from seven-foot ‘sea monster’: RedOrbit


James Bond Switches to HK VP9 in Spectre: ArmoryBlog
Bears' Rolle Accuses Tax Lawyer of $1.8 M Fraud: Courthouse News
Hey, Gun-Grabbers, It's Legal To Buy A Tank--and A Bunch Just Came Up For Sale! (2014): Bob Owens

Image: Kremlin Publishes New Picture of Putin Amid Concerns About Absence
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QOTD: "None of what you [Hillary] said made any sense. Keeping a single account mingling business and personal with your own server wasn’t about “convenience.” It was about expedience. You became judge and jury on what’s relevant because you didn’t want to leave digital fingerprints for others to retrace. You could have had Huma carry two devices if you really couldn’t hoist an extra few ounces. You insisted on piggybacking on Bill’s server, even though his aides were worried about hackers, because you were gaming the system for 2016. (Or even 2012.)

Suffused with paranoia and pre­emptive defensiveness, you shrugged off The One’s high­minded call for the Most Transparent Administration in History.

It depends upon what the meaning of @ is." --Maureen Dowd

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