Saturday, March 28, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: NBC’s Engel: US allies fear the Obama administration is leaking information to Iran

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NBC’s Engel: US allies fear Obama admin leaking information to Iran: Hot Air
Obama Admin Threatens U.S. Allies for Disagreeing with Iran Nuke Deal: WFB
Hillary Clinton Defies Subpoena, ‘Wiped Her Server Clean’: Joel Gehrke

Kerry on Chances of Iran Deal: 'Inshallah!': Brian Lilley
The Dangerous Assumption Guiding Obama’s Mideast Policy: Keith Koffler
Hillary in Quicksand: Dick Morris

Military Drill Identifying “Hostile” U.S. States Sparks Alarm: Alex Newman
Honoring Heroes, Something Rahm Emanuel Does Not Understand: BlackFive
Concealed Carrier Shoots Two Armed Robbers in Philiadelphia: Bob Owens

NYC Democrat ‘Admires’ Ted Cruz, Says It’s ‘Time For New Blood’: Surge
Schumer’s road to the top greased by donations to colleagues: PublicIntegriy
The Speaker Strikes Back: Boehner Cancels Gohmert’s Travel: Matt Fuller


Can Family Breakdown in Low-Education America Be Reversed? Maybe: Michael Barone
Anti-Common Core amendment passes Senate vote: Jason Russell
Welcome to the ‘Golden Age of American Craft Beer’: Mark J. Perry

Scandal Central

Obama Has Allowed 600,000 ‘Unscreened’ Immigrants from Dangerous Muslim Nations to Enter USA: RWN
Harry Reid's Long, Steady Accretion of Power & Wealth: Adam O'Neal
Everything The White House Told You About Bowe Bergdahl Was Wrong: Nancy A. Youssef

Hacked Hillary Emails: Getting Fed Intelligence By Her Own Private Spy Service: Ace
Wife of Vt. Sen. Bernie Sanders may have defrauded state agency, bank: Unyielding
FBI Admits All Registered Motorcycle Owners Are On Classified Gang List: WaPo (Link Removed, Bogus)


Hillary Gets Special Protection On Wikipedia: Bradford Thomas
The media’s lies about “HandsUpDonShoot” are the gift that keeps on giving: VDARE
Bowe Bergdahl's Platoon Mates React To Desertion Charges • Kelly File • 3/26/15: Common Cents

What the Ellen Pao Verdict Means About the ‘Rights’ You Don’t Have: R.S. McCain
CBS News: ‘Email Scandal Taking A Toll On Hillary Clinton’s Image’: Jerome Hudson
Ted Cruz disputes MSNBC claim he supports legalization of illegal immigrants: LI


Richard Engel: Military officials say allies ‘simply don’t trust’ U.S. under Obama: Times
Lausanne Dispatch: Iranian Intransigence in Nuke Talks Draws French Rebuke: The Tower
How Yemen could become another Syria: AEI

Is Obama just incompetent or is he deliberately aiding and betting jihadists?: TAB
Now Saudi Arabia wants Nukes: RS
German media: Germanwings co-pilot did it for Allah: Matzav

What France Really Thinks of U.S. Iran Policy: Anne-Elisabeth Moutet
US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel's Nuclear Program: Arutz Sheva
Israeli official brands emerging Iran deal as ‘incomprehensibly’ bad: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Man Forced to Sell His New House Because Comcast Lied to Him: Jay Hathaway, Gawker
DOD Keeps Losing 'Sensitive' Explosives Gear, Then Finding It For Sale On Ebay: TechDirt
Those amazing 'Furious 7' cars? This man built them: Tim Stevens


First, Historic “Last Friday of the Month Great Escape”- Let’s Roll!: MOTUS
Cruzing Toward the Resurrection of Mainstream Conservatism: David Limbaugh
I wonder what nationality "Sami Sherif" holds?: NECN

Image: Italian Supreme Court Reverses Conviction of Amanda Knox, Dismisses All Charges, Forever
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QOTD: "[House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Ed] Royce said that even before the negotiations began, when the U.S. unfroze some Iranian assets at the end of 2013, ambassadors for Gulf countries predicted the cash would be used to destabilize the region: “We’re seeing today what every Gulf ambassador predicted Iran would do, we’re seeing Iran destabilize the region.”" --Eli Lake

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bogus story from a bogus website, is NOT the washington post.
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