Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Battleground Israel Turns Out Like Battleground Texas

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Battleground Israel Turns Out Like Battleground Texas: Erick Erickson
Lying In State: Mark Steyn
Clintonworld's Self-Pitying Shadiness Returns: Ramesh Ponnuru

The Big, Fat “American Worker Recruitment First” Lie of H-1B: Michelle Malkin
Hillary or Bust!: Victor Davis Hanson
President is not Commander in Chief of Foreign Policy: Alan M. Dershowitz

John Boehner, The Dishonorable Gentleman From Ohio: Ace
The Hastert Rule is dead; Nancy Pelosi runs the House: RS
Today's GOP stands for nothing and the highest bidder: Erick Erickson

Democrat Jeb Bush Pushes For Massive Immigration Increases: Jen Kuznicki
Joe Manchin Shows His Anti-Gun Colors Again: Herschel Smith
Dems Push ATF To Ban Bullets Now: Brian Lilley


Boehner Trades $200B in New Spending Now for Nothing Later: Leon Wolf
A Nasty End to the Blue Model: AmInt
Sen. Grassley: H-1B Visa Bill “Only Makes the Problem Worse”: NumbersUSA

Scandal Central

Clintons UAE Quid Pro Quo: Dick Morris
Hillary Clinton’s Top Five Secrecy Scandals: Jeff Gerth
I ran the government’s FOIA program, so trust me: Hillary’s defense is laughable: Dan Metcalfe

Bogus Payments By Federal Agencies Reach All-Time High Of $125 Billion: WZ
Shocka: State Dept. Has “Apparently No Record” Of Hillary Signing Separation Agreement: Treehouse
GOP rep backs probe into US group, Israeli election: Ben Kamisar

Climate & Energy

Obama’s EPA Now Wants to Prevent You From Showering Too Long in Hotels: RWN
Fracking saved U.S. economy: Chriss Street
Boston breaks snowfall record with 108.6 inches: The Week


Dismantling of Mika by Ted Cruz Demonstrates Why MSNBC One of the Great Media Failures of All Time: EIB
POLITICO: Bob Corker is a Reasonable Republican and totally a grown-up: RS
CBS Evening News Omits United Flight Passenger Was Screaming About Jihad: CNS

Anti-Obama Street Art at L.A. Marathon Will Make Your Day: 100% F'ed Up
NYT Caught Manipulating Story That Didn’t Fit Their Narrative: iOTWreport
MVS fires Journalist Carmen Aristegui: Borderland


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wins Re-Election in Squeaker: Warner Todd Huston
Official Tally Reveals Landslide Victory for Likud: The Tower
With Ballots Counted, Netanyahu Scores Dramatic, Decisive Victory in Israeli Elections: Algemeiner

Islamic State overruns Iraqi Army brigade headquarters north of Fallujah: LWJ
President Obama Blames Bush For Rise Of ISIS: Breitbart
British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on "Industrial Scale": Soeren Kern

The Ukraine Invasion: One Year Later: David J. Kramer
Has the Russian System’s Agony Begun?: Lilia Shevtsova
How Many People Did Communism Kill? (2010): BattleSwarm

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

WATCH: The Solar Eruptions That Caused Today’s Spectacular St. Patrick’s Day Auroras: Discover
The chemistry of Guinness [infographic]: Holy Kaw!
Scientists Capture Snapshots of Water Splitting in Photosynthesis for the First Time Ever: SWR


Brett Kimberlin lawsuit against Mandy Nagy dismissed: LI
No – See, She’s Riding Her Broomstick. Really.: WRSA
Man turns bathroom inside of Wal-Mart into a mini-meth lab: The Week

Image: Shocka: State Dept Has “Apparently No Record” Of Hillary Signing Separation Agreement
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QOTD: "I thought when I retired from the Justice Department in 2007, I was done with records-related scandals. By that point, I had spent more than a quarter-century as founding director of the Justice Department’s Office of Information and Privacy, effectively serving as the federal government’s chief information-disclosure “guru.” In that position, I had weathered many a Clinton records scandal during the 1990s—about two dozen, all told, including two that amazingly have still never become public—and I thought I had seen the last of them. At the very least, I thought I had become immune to being shocked by anything in that vein.

It turns out I was wrong on both counts.

We now have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton being revealed as someone who took the unprecedented step of arranging to use her personal email account for all of her official email communications. What’s more, she decided to use her own email server equipment, rather than a commercial Internet service provider, so that the records of her email account would reside solely within her personal control at home. And if that were not enough, she then proceeded blithely—though not uncharacteristically—to present herself to the public, at a press conference held on March 10, as if there were really nothing “wrong” about any of this at all.

Well, as the saying goes, 'reality is not her friend.'" --Dan Metcalfe

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