Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SERIOUS QUESTION: Why doesn't Jeb Bush just run for the Democrat nomination?  

Jeb Bush has zero, none, zippo chance of winning the presidency. Should he somehow secure the Republican nomination -- an unlikely prospect given his bizarre and unpopular opinions -- the notion that he could both secure the support of a conservative base that he has demonized and insulted and the Democrat masses is delusional.

Rumor had it that his brother did cocaine at one point in his early years. Given his Quixotic quest, it could be that Jeb indulged in some serious hallucinogens. Jen Kuznicki explains the latest temper tantrum by "the Smart Bush":

...Using the same logic as President Barack Obama on Iran, Bush condescendingly stated in South Carolina this morning, “I have not seen, I don’t know if you’ve seen, a plan that says ‘we’re gonna deport everybody,’” Mr. Bush said at a breakfast event in Greenville Tuesday morning, kicking off a multi-day swing through the state.

So, according to Jeb, it’s either massively increase immigration on all levels, or deport everyone, a convoluted logic that rules Obama’s dealings with Iran; Obama’s way or war.

The plain fact is, that Jeb is pursuing illegal actions. It is the cornerstone of his campaign that we not enforce immigration law–another thing he has in common with the Imperial Obama... ...See, for Jeb Bush, obeying the law is too hard, and he conveniently gives no remedy for those refusing to “come out of the shadows.”

...[According to Jeb,] everyone who disagrees with him is an extremist candidate who wants to deport everyone, and then he says they don’t want to do anything but fear monger, when actually, they are more in line with what the American people actually know; you must enforce immigration law.

Given that Hillary is damaged goods, why doesn't Jeb try for the Democrat nomination? He has the name recognition, the far Left policy positions on Amnesty and Common Core, and the backing of crypto-liberal Karl Rove.

This isn't a joke.

Bush should switch parties and make a serious run for the Democrat nomination. Because what is a joke is the idea that he could win the presidency running as a Republican.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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Anonymous said...

He's about as viable a candidate as Mittens Romney.