Saturday, March 21, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Texas Judge Grills Obama Attorneys on Immigration Overhaul

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Texas Judge Grills Obama Attorneys on Immigration Overhaul: LI
Obama Addresses His People -- in Iran: EIB
Trolling For Voters: Dems Push Bill To Restore Voting Rights For Ex-Felons: WZ

In Defense of the GOP’s Iran Letter: Matt Mackowiak
Four-Fifths of House Urges Congressional Role in Iran Nuke Deal: Tower
Will Hispanics fire up America?: Michael Barone

The Lost Republic Diaries – Part X: Camp o' the Saints
Feds to Weigh Children in Daycare: Elizabeth Harrington
Navy Strategic Air Wing Commander Fired: Robert Burns

Hillary Clinton’s Billy Carter moment.: Moe Lane
Why Hillary Has Been Silent About The Obama/Bibi Fight: Jeff Dunetz
Kansas House panel endorses measure calling for Article V Convention: AP


Jeb Bush Won’t Sign Anti-Tax Pledge: CNS
Tech wants more foreign workers while Senate hears of displaced Americans: Exam
US chamber of commerce bats for Indian IT cos in H-1B visa tangle: Yashwant Raj

Scandal Central

Treason: Obama vs. Senate Republicans: Joel Pollak
The Best "Democracy" Money Can Buy: ZH
Now Huma Abedin is Being Scrutinized for Possible Corruption: Steven Ahle

Trey Gowdy to Hillary Clinton: Hand Over Your E-Mail Server: Jim Treacher
Obama Nominee to Replace Holder Accused of Cheating Victims Out of 40 Million Dollars: Steven Ahle
A List of Obama’s Constitutional Violations: Truth Seeker (2013)

Climate & Energy

Flashback 1958: Arctic Ice Sheet Will Envelope NYC, Chicago: DC
Spring snowstorm pelts Mid-Atlantic, Northeast: Doyle Rice
Another ship of fools? More craziness about Antarctic Ice: Eric Worrall


Steyn: 'Everybody' in Middle East 'Despises' Obama: Ian Hanchett
Candidates for Woman on $20 Bill: Man-hater, Mass-murderer or Advocate for Genocide of Blacks: Wizbang
Ron Coleman Gets Results: Ace

Generals McInerney and Vallely: An Enemy Of The Nation Sitting In The White House: Hooben
CAIR: Saying The Pledge of Allegiance In Arabic Is “Quintessentially American”: WZ
Conservative media marginalizing itself in Walker-Mair drama: LI


Netanyahu with Megyn Kelly: I was Re-elected to Ensure the “Survival” of Israel: FreeLight
Israel Is Preparing to DEFY Obama, Make Massive Move to Defend Their People: ConTrib
Osama bin Laden’s Bodyguard Cleared for Release from GITMO by Obama Administration: Sara Noble

Analysis: Why AQAP quickly denied any connection to mosque attacks: Thomas Joscelyn
ISIS Terror Strike Kills 137, Another 345 Wounded!: LibertyNews
France: Iran nuclear deal must guarantee Islamic Republic cannot get atomic bomb: JPost

Obama buries the hatchet -- in Netanyahu's head: Elliot Abrams
The Crisis Has Exploded: John Podhoretz
Another scorned U.S. ally turns to Russia: Aaron Klein

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Important vs. Critical Talent: What if the Beatles Had Been a Company?: Thomas McGuire and Linda Brenner
Introducing the Glock 43, Glock's Very First Single Stack 9mm: Concealed Nation
W3C member proposes single-page apps without JavaScript in HTML6: Rob Marvin


A Week of Humiliations: Reflections of Sista Silverheels: MOTUS
$825.00 For Some Tacky Hotel Curtain Print Skirt: Feral Irishman
WATCH: Hilarious GOP Ad Mimic Dos Equis In Their Portrayal Of Hillary Clinton: John Brodigan

Image: Shocking School Bus Brawl In Alabama (Guns VS Baseball Bats)
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QOTD: "Almost as quickly as the Islamic State’s branch in Yemen claimed responsibility for suicide attacks at mosques attended by Houthis in Sana’a earlier today, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) denied any connection to the coordinated bombings. There is a simple reason why: Such attacks are inconsistent with al Qaeda’s guidelines for waging jihad.

In its statement denying any ties to the bombings, AQAP stressed that it remains “committed to the guidelines” issued by Sheikh Ayman al Zawahiri. Those guidelines advise against “targeting mosques, markets, and public places out of concern for the lives of innocent Muslims, and to prioritize the paramount interests,” AQAP’s message reads..." --Thomas dJoscelyn


Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Doug, for the link and for all you do to keep the Flame Of Freedom burning.

Anonymous said...

Intergalactic Background Checks: Why are the Gun Grabbers making a last desperate stand on this issue?
Who can forget the heady days of Jan 2013? Obama had just ‘won’ his second term – and all it took was for the GOPe contender to roll over and not criticize him because that would be RACIST!!…But I digress…
The country had just experienced the worst gun-free zone shooting. And the nation’s gun grabbing socialist left was salivating at the prospect of tearing the guts out of the people’s common sense Civil right of armed self defense.. they merely had to come up with the best nefarious method on how they would do it…

The world was their assault weapon oyster, the forces defending Liberty were cowering in the corner like people under the protection of a gun free zone waiting to be shot.

We on the Pro-Liberty side were awaiting the worst when a funny thing happened.. people began realizing that the 2nd amendment is Freedom’s fire wall. The people realized that down through history the pattern has always been the same: Incremental degradations of the basic civil rights beginning with restrictions, then registration then Confiscation then annihilation.

People who didn’t normally involve themselves with Pro-Liberty self defense rights became aware of the imminent danger. People began asking why 120 Million Innocent gun owners should be punished for the deranged actions of a handful of (Leftist) Lunatics. People started buying guns and standing up for our civil rights. They loudly pointing out that in the error of Obama, guns have been flying of the shelf and crime has gone DOWN!

This didn’t square with the bleating of the national gun grabbing socialist left with their more guns, more death mantra…

And as they say cooler heads prevailed…. At least on the Pro-Liberty, Pro second amendment side… not so much with the national Socialist Gun grabbing Left….

They aren’t accepting their defeats with and aplomb or dignity, they continue to forge on trying slightly different tactics to evince the same outcome. They long ago dropped the attacks on certain types of undefined weapons in a divide and conquer motif – for the people realized that those evil black rifles…

I’ll refrain from posting an image of said “Assault Weapons” with them being so scary to the Anti-Liberty ‘Liberals’ out there…. Not to mention the rumor that even their images can shoot deadly bullets at a ‘clip’ of a thousand cartridges a second!

At this point the gun grabbers are desperately trying to follow the second part of Sun Tzu’s maxim: “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

We can look back and easily see the intentions of the nation’s gun grabbing socialists on the anti-liberty Left. The kitchen sink approach no longer holds sway, and now they are down to what they REALLY want. They have stripped away all the ‘lower’ gun grabbing ideas leaving the depleted uranium core of what they think will be the incremental death knell for the 2nd amendment.

There is one thing you have to always connect with the term ‘Background Check’ and that is the word CONTROL.

However innocuous the rationale for IBC’s it all boils down to the issue of CONTROL.

Keep in mind that the true purpose for the founding documents and the Constitution itself is to RESTRAIN governmental power, and thus it would make no sense for the government to have control over it’s limitations – but that is exactly what is in store with IBC’s