Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Federal Judge Orders Investigation into Illegal Acts By the Obama Administration

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Federal Judge Orders Investigation of Illegal Acts By Obama Administration: Steve Ahle
America's Ex-Wife: Erick Erickson
The Hillary Email Scandal: Who Profits?: Roger L. Simon

The Mendacious, Charmless, Painfully Mediocre And Unelectable Hillary Clinton: HayRide
Hillary's Train Wreck Press Conference: Spin, Lies and Unanswered Questions: Howling
Carefully scripted Hillary knocked out of comfort zone: Jonah Goldberg

ATF Pulls the Plug on Obama’s Insane Ammo Ban: JWF
Judge Denies Stay in Handgun Transfer Ban Case: LI
The Fourth Branch: Is the US being run by a Shadow Government?: Scoop

Senate Was Warned About Obama’s End Run on Iran: Betsy McCaughey
Boehner-McConnell’s Playbook Incentivized Barack Obama’s Liberal Push: RS
Senator Tom Cotton (R, AR) speaks truth to Biden on foreign policy: Moe Lane


Unpopular President Rips Popular Governor For Allowing People to Work: JWF
Obama’s Not-so-Secret Immigration Operational Center: Leon Wolf
Obama Family '14 Xmas Vacation in Hawaii: $3.7MM for Transport Alone: JW

Scandal Central

Internet Catches Hillary in Three Provable Email Falsehoods: LI
Hillary emerges from behind stonewall for tightly controlled press conference: LI
Mystery location of Clinton email server seen as 'matter of national security': James Rosen

Hillary Tries To Quell Email Controversy, But Only Creates More Questions: OTB
Trey Gowdy: Hillary’s Server Or Hillary’s Testimony: Hideout
Hillary's brother got the gold mine, Haiti got the shaft: Don Surber

Climate & Energy

Global Warming: Walter Williams
Giant Chunks Of Global Warming Ice Wash Ashore On Cape Cod: CBS Boston
Bill Nye's unscientific approach to climate change in Jackson, WY: Sierra Rayne


“Truth Is What You Can Make the Voter Think It Is.”–James Carville: MOTUS
The Audacity of Hill: Mark Steyn
Here Are the Most Hilarious Reactions to Hillary’s Email Scandal Press Conference: IJR

Here are Hillary's Lies: Ace
Politico Sums Up Hillary’s Message at Press Conference: ‘Go to Hell’: Stephen Kruiser
AP "Fact Check" Brutalizes Hillary's Specious Fabrications: Breitbart

FLASHBACK: The Obama 2008 Campaign Mocked McCain’s Inability to Use Email: Glob
Liberals’ Favorite ‘Income Inequality’ Economist Backtracks On His Ideas: Tammy Bruce
Why Fox News Is Winning: Tom Bevan


Two Genocidal Jihadist Armies Merge in the Cowardice of Silence: Matthew Clark
Traitor Ted Kennedy Secretly Asked The Soviets To Intervene In 1984 Elections: Federalist
House Democrats Send Letter to U.S. Adversary Pledging Opposition to the President: Erick Erickson

China Shows Off Its Deadly New Cruise Missiles: PopSci
Osama bin Laden’s Files: The Pakistani government wanted to negotiate: Thomas Joscelyn
Iraq: Photos claim to show IS beheading homosexuals: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Obamacare’s 1095-A Nightmare: Michelle Malkin
10 best uses for open source software in the business world: Jack Wallen
HBO Now stand-alone service shakes up TV industry: Meg James


ALL of Hillary Clinton’s State Department Accomplishments in ONE Graphic!!: Sooper
People Are Terrible, An Ongoing Series: Ace
If Obama Had To Wear a Sponsor’s Jacket: iOTWreport

Image: Giant Chunks Of Ice Wash Ashore On Cape Cod
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QOTD: "Hillary has only two comfort zones: deep in a bunker or high on a pedestal. Drag her out of the former or knock her off the latter and she’s at sea.

In her very brief press conference Tuesday, she essentially admitted to the transgression she’s been accused of for the past week. She admitted to deleting thousands of emails. She turned over the public emails she deemed safe to give to the public and kept the rest, saying they were private, anointing herself to be the sole arbiter.

....This hints at the attitude that binds her and her husband: the belief that they are governed solely by what they choose to be governed by and what they do is right because they have done it." --Jonah Goldberg

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she deemed safe to give to the public and kept the rest, saying they were private, anointing herself to be the sole arbiter. gladys