Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Document theft and destruction nothing new for Hillary

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Document theft and destruction nothing new for Hillary Clinton: Paul Mirengoff
Clintons Cover-Up Team: John Fund
Psaki Sweater Bombs: Hot Air

A Monster of Our Own: Kevin D. Williamson
Obama’s Iran deal imperiled by… Democrats?: LI
“We live in constant fear of upsetting the WH [White House]”: Sara Noble

Two Warnings: Thomas Sowell
Hillary Clinton should face criminal charges: Joseph Curl
The 5 Most Profound Political Quotes Of The Last 5 Years: John Hawkins

Democrat-Controlled House May Add $100+ Billion In Deficit Spending: Ace
Pathetic Mitch McConnell finally plays "hardball": Ace
Draconian Chris Christie Gun Laws Brand Aspiring Police Officer a Felon: BuzzPo


Dems Choose Coercively Financed Abortion Over Fighting Human Trafficking: MB
Hillarynomics: Bill’s third term or Barack’s?: James Pethokoukis
White House Floats Bankruptcy Process for Some Student Debt: WSJ

Scandal Central

Obama’s Immigration Nightmare: Exponential Executive Lawlessness: David Limbaugh
Tu casa es mi casa: Economist
White House office to delete its FOIA regulations: USA Today

Climate & Energy

California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans: Michael Snyder
Slip Sliding Away: Audubon


Run, Al Gore, Run!: LI
The “Hillary Was Right to Break the Law Because Republicans Are Mean” Defense: GayPatriot
Dishonest Australian Correspondent Attempts To Turn M855 Into “Cop Killer” Ammunition: Bob Owens

Ron Fournier on Dems and Hillary’s Email: Don’t buy the spin, they are scared to death: Glob
‘Outstanding propaganda’! Valerie Jarrett touts Obama’s ‘uniquely American recovery’: Twitchy
Former White House Advisor: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal A ‘Pimple on the Ass of Progress’: Breitbart


Cotton Letter Smokes Out Dangerous Concession to Iran: David Gerstman
US intel report scrapped Iran from list of terror threats: Times of Israel
ISIS’ Soldiers Caught Cowardly Fleeing Battlefield in Attire that Would Get Them Killed Back at HQ: IJR

Hillary Clinton's Anti-Israel, Pro-Hezbollah Donor: IBD
Obama refuses to renew 40-year-old emergency oil supply pact with Israel: Pamela Geller
Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?: Jeffrey Goldberg

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Spam Filtering Service had access to Clinton Classified Emails: Marc Perkel
Xiaomi's fitness tech to help power smart shoes: Michael Kan
Adobe gets its docs ducks in a row with Document Cloud: iMore


Obama’s Guiding Light: MOTUS
A Chess Tournament At The White House: Springer's Blog
Old Hippies Still Dying of Drug Overdoses by the Thousands: BlurBrain

Image: Israeli polls open with Netanyahu's power hanging in the balance
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QOTD: "Those who say that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is the 1990s all over again may not know how right they are. We’re not just witnessing a replay of Hillary’s “rules don’t apply to me,” hunker down mentality. We’re witnessing a replay of document expropriation and destruction by Ms. Clinton.

This time, the documents in question are records, in the form of emails, that document her conduct as Secretary of State. In the 1990s, the documents Clinton stole and/or caused to be destroyed established her role as the attorney for participants in a fraudulent scheme called Castle Grande.

Clinton, working with Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster, stole hard copies of the billing records of the Rose law firm where they were partners. They erased the electronic version of these records. One set of these documents was later found in the White House, just outside Hillary’s private office, by an employee. Another set was found in Foster’s attic by his widow, some years after he committed suicide. Clinton’s time sheets (handwritten, as was the practice back in the day) were never found." --Paul Mirengoff

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