Thursday, March 05, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama to Adopt the Power for Taxation for Himself

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Obama to Adopt the Power for Taxation for Himself: Keith Koffler
Basic Cable: Mark Steyn
The Cure For The GOP Betrayal On Amnesty? It’s The Primaries, Stupid!: CHQ

The audacity of weakness: Victor Davis Hanson
Did Hillary Commit a Felony?: Shannen Coffin
Obama's War on Transparency: NB

Curiouser and curiouser….: And Still I Persist
Where Was Hillary?: FreeLight
They're Coming To Take Me Away: Bergheim Follies

Open Borders: 7 of 8 Mexican Cartels Operating in Texas: Sara Noble
Jeb Bush: The Leading Anti-Conservative Candidate: Politichicks
With Hillary Imploding, Now Traveling to Caucus State Iowa Is... Al Gore: Ace


IRS Defends Giving Refunds to Illegals Who Never Paid Taxes: Gretawire
110,000 Illegal Immigrants Get California Driver’s Licenses In 7 Weeks: LI
HHS Shifts Money From Cancer To Pay For Health Insurance Exchange: Kaiser

Scandal Central

Emailgate May Be the Final Scandal to Sink Hillary Clinton: Jim Hoft
Hacker Reveals Contents from Hillary’s Private E-Mails and Shows Who She Was Talking To: IJR
Bigger Question: Did Hillary use unsecured email for Classified Info?: LI

Federal judge blasts EPA: Stop insulting me with your lies: Jeff Dunetz
Texas Gov. Abbott: White House Misled Federal Judge - Contempt of Court : Scoop
Judicial Watch Sues for Hillary and Huma’s Egypt Emails: JW

Climate & Energy

Ethanol: The GOP-Supported Rip-Off: Larry Elder
Media Ignores UN Climate Chief Who Says Global Warming is ‘My Religion’ : RWN
Wyoming Now to Indoctrinate School Kids in Global Warming: RWN


Holder Admits ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim Was Bogus: Neil Munro
Hillary Clinton leaked e-mail story to New York Times before tweet: FAM
RNC: America Can't Trust Clinton: RightPundit

Going Bananas: A Case Study in Media-Manufactured Racism: Michelle Malkin
Krauthammer: Obama’s “Pettiness” Turned Netanyahu Speech into “the Speech of the Decade”: FreeLight
A flustered Marie Harf is grilled on Clinton’s private email: LI

Morning Joe: NYT Reporter Fearing 'Retribution' From Hillary Camp for Email Story?: NB
MSNBC: Hillary Personal Email Use at State ‘Staggering’, ‘Shocking’ and ‘Ridiculous’: WFB
Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert Mocks Mother of Benghazi Hero; Deletes Tweet: Sooper


Attacker in South Korea slashes U.S. ambassador’s face: Times
Four Rival Factions Pick Over Syria’s Bones: Jonathan Spyer
Unprecedented: Nobel Peace Prize chair who oversaw Obama award demoted: RT

Israeli Politicians Across Spectrum Express Concern About Emerging Iran Nuke Deal: The Tower
Imam Who Said Ayaana Hirsi Ali Deserved Death Penalty Was Hired By DOJ To Teach Prisoners: Yahoo!
Europe must be pushed to fight the endemic scourge of anti-Semitism: Skip Grinberg & Gregg Roman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Folly of Scientism : Austin L. Hughes, The New Atlantis
Goodyear’s Concept Tires Shift Shapes and Generate Electricity: Automnews
Experts: Clinton email practices risked data disclosures: Phys.Org


Crossing the Rubicon: MOTUS
My Year Ripping Off the Web with the Daily Mail Online: Gawker
Vince Vaughn uses stock photo gag to promote Unfinished Business: Cult of Mac

Image: Goodyear’s Concept Tires Shift Shapes and Generate Electricity
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QOTD: "We're now being told [by the Republican leadership]: hey, relax, this whole illegal-executive-action amnesty thing can be left to the courts - just like Obamacare.

Hmm. The impressively rubber-jointed contortions of a constitutional court are one of the differences between America and most of the rest of the west, and they are not without their entertainment value. But they seem less and less relevant as the ruling party's contempt for law grows ever more open. At the dawn of the Obama era, Americans used to be warned that, if they weren't careful, they'd wind up like Europe. But, whatever one feels about it ideologically, the Swedes come by their Big Government more or less honestly. America seems to have bypassed Continental social democracy and gone full-blown Latin-American banana republic" --Mark Steyn


commoncents said...

FUNNY! Jon Stewart Takes on Hillary’s ‘Wrong Email Address-Ghazi’ Scandal

Barry Popik said...

Yes, Jon Stewart discussed it--and largely dismissed it. He "forgot" to mention that Obama's former EPA commissioner had done the same thing.

This was followed by a completely reprehensible segment where conservatives were ridiculed for questioning that doctors should ask about guns in the home. "We're not going to take your guns," the sheeple Stewart watchers were told. Why not ask about knives in the home, or baseball bats in the home?

Stewart should be taken to task on a daily basis, but he's usually given a free pass.