Saturday, March 14, 2015

THE 43 PICTURED? No, this is not Glock's first single-stack 9mm

The Firearm Blog has a reported reveal of the Glock 43, which they admit could be a Photoshop. The 43 may be Glock's long-anticipated single-stack 9mm.

I'll throw it out there: this is a Photoshop. Check out the official Glock teaser for the new sidearm:

Notice the differences in typeface. Knowing a few professional marketers who specialize in branding, well, they would no sooner allow variations in typeface as they would misspell the names of their companies.

I call BS on this one. Nice try, though.

With that said, I truly wonder whether the 43 will be the single-stack 9mm. Don't get me wrong, it's sorely needed. Trying to carry a 26 without printing is kinda like trying to conceal a waffle iron on your person.

But Glock has been anything but predictable over the years. The waiting will be over next week.

Hat tip: BadBlue Gun News

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The apple phone of guns, wouldn't own either