Friday, July 27, 2018

COMEDY GOLD: Michael Cohen Tries to Turn on Trump

By Rush Limbaugh

As I’m sure you know, CNN has been breathlessly reporting that Michael Cohen -- all these tapes with Trump and Trump said all these incriminating things -- and then that Michael Cohen said that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting that his son took with the Russian honeypot and all of that and that Trump has denied knowing anything.

By the way, Cohen doesn’t have any evidence for this. He has literally no evidence, and even CNN’s been forced to admit this. But let me just try to cause you to have no concern about this. Robert Mueller is relying so little on Cohen that he gave that case to the Southern District of New York. The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York has the Cohen case, not Mueller. If Cohen had anything that would help Mueller do anything with Trump, he wouldn’t have handed off the case.

So what Cohen is doing here is trying to get the best deal he can get from the U.S. attorney’s office.

He’s trying to make it look like he’s got all kinds of dope on Trump and he’d be willing to give it up.

But the thing that you have to realize here is very simple. This is not Mueller’s case. He gave it away. He gave it away weeks ago. He transferred anything to do with Cohen to the Southern District of New York like he’s done with pretty much every other charge that he has made in this case. He’s sent it off to some other court, some other jurisdiction.

The other thing that they’re trying to make hay about is Trump and Mueller all of a sudden interested in Trump’s tweets. It’s preposterous. I don’t know where CNN is getting its information, who’s leaking to them, but Donald Trump has been tweeting since his campaign. The idea that Robert Mueller just now got interested in ’em? I mean, if that were true — and it isn’t — but if it were true it would mean that Mueller doesn’t have anything. But the idea that Mueller’s been ignoring these tweets all this time?

But about the tweets. The tweets are not evidence. The tweets don’t show anything. They’re nothing more than what Trump’s thinking or saying at the time. There’s nothing actionable in the tweets. This is like trying to say that exit poll results count more than real votes. There’s nothing here.

In fact, if any of you are still concerned about this, there isn’t going to be an indictment of Donald Trump from the special counsel. The only concern that everybody should have about this is impeachment. That’s where this investigation has always been going. And this investigation’s phony anyway. The Mueller investigation is an offshoot of all of the illegality that took place on the Democrat side and on the Hillary side.

It is simply to cover up all of that, because, remember, when this campaign began, the Department of Justice, the Democrat Party and everybody in the Obama apparatus had to make sure that Hillary was exonerated of any crimes involving her illegal server and trafficking in classified data, and all of this has been about exonerating her and framing Donald Trump.

But there isn’t gonna be any indictment of Trump, he hasn’t obstructed justice, he hasn’t colluded, and so all there’s gonna be is a report that’s gonna question Trump’s fitness, maybe his thinking, maybe his reactions, and it will be setting up an impeachment proceeding if the Democrats win the House. And as an ancillary thing, maybe they’re gonna try to once again drive Trump’s approval numbers down.

But this stuff that CNN’s hyperventilating with today over Cohen, you just need to stop and think, it’s not even Mueller’s case. Oh. And speaking of that. I have a piece here by Julian Zelizer, CNN political analyst. “Trump Sounds Normal in Private. It’s All an Act.”

CNN thinks they figured Trump out. They have been listening to the tapes with Trump on the phone and Trump talking to Cohen. And they have concluded that he sounds normal as anybody else does on the phone. He doesn’t sound crazy. He doesn’t sound mean. He doesn’t sound insane. And so obviously the Trump that appears on TV is acting.

And you know why he’s acting? Because he knows that you, his supporters, are a bunch of lamebrain idiots that he has to act for. He has to perform in such a way to make you think that he is a continuing victim, that everybody’s out to get him. He has to talk in these mean-spirited, bigoted ways to relate to you. Oh, yeah. That’s CNN’s latest big discovery.

“Reading anything into a short, grainy tape recording is difficult. But from the moment that CNN’s Chris Cuomo shared one of the Michael Cohen tapes, experts have sliced and diced the audio to figure out exactly what then-candidate Donald Trump knew about a payment to keep his alleged affair with former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal off the front pages.”

As an aside, there isn’t even any crime here. You know, Rich Lowry has a piece at National Review, and it’s also an instructive piece in how this stuff doesn’t work, why it doesn’t work. He makes the point that I have made over and over again. This stuff that the Democrats have been pulling on Trump would have gotten rid of every Republican candidate or president in the past.

And one of the reasons the Democrats and the media are frustrated is because they can’t get rid of Trump using the time-honored techniques that they’ve always succeeded with. They were able to destroy Romney. They were able to destroy George W. Bush. They’ve been able to engineer the resignations of Mr. Newt and a bunch of other people in Congress. And what they do doesn’t touch Trump. And they don’t figure it out. They just keep trying to pile on more of the same.

For example, Lowry says this incident on tape with Trump talking to a fixer about paying off a Playboy playmate would sink anybody, particularly any Republican candidate. Why doesn’t it sink Trump? Well, we’ve been through all the reasons for this. One of Lowry’s explanations is that the bar has been set so low with Trump that no new revelation is gonna shock anybody, not after the NBC Access Hollywood video. And so there just isn’t anything that’s gonna shock anybody. Trump’s already survived numerous such attempts to take him out.

So something like this, as far as Trump supporters are concerned, there’s nothing new here. No reason to get upset. But I think it’s far more than that. I think not enough credit’s being given to the sophistication of Trump supporters. And it is that it doesn’t mean anything, when compared to what these people think is really important, like saving the country, like growing the country, like saving our culture. Whether Trump’s running around with Playboy playmates is not relevant to them.

And they’re not gonna allow the media to take another Republican out. There’s also that part. They’re just not gonna sit by and let this happen again. Because it happens every election cycle. The media goes after some Republican or whichever effective public figure they want to target, and somebody’s scalp is usually claimed. They’re not gonna abandon Trump. They’re not gonna let it happen. They’re far more sophisticated this time around than any of these critics realize.

But I wanted to get the stuff out about Cohen because CNN, once again, is falling all over itself thinking they’ve found the smoking gun, they’ve found the magic bullet. And now with Cohen saying, “Hey, Trump knew about that meeting that Donald Jr. had with the Russian honeypot in Trump Tower.” Trump is on the warpath claiming he didn’t know about it and he’s really letting Cohen have it. And now CNN’s forced to say that Cohen doesn’t have any evidence for the claim. But the bottom line is, it’s not even Mueller’s case.

Now, you might be saying, “Could he get it back, Rush? Could he get it back?” He’ll work with the SDNY but the point is he gave it away. He’s known about Cohen for who knows how long. The special counsel and his 13 witch-hunt specialists have known all about this. They’ve looked into all this and stuff we don’t even know about that they’ve looked into. They didn’t just decide that Trump’s tweets may hold some gold. They didn’t just decide that Michael Cohen may actually have the smoking gun bullet.

They long ago concluded that he doesn’t. Otherwise, the case wouldn’t have been passed off to the Southern District of New York.


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Bookdoc said...

I think the biggest problem the libtards have is that they really believe their own nonsense about Trump supporters. They believe we are uneducated hicks in the sticks. I have a degree but, before retirement, worked with many intelligent, competent people who had not wasted time and money attending the education cabals propaganda mills. I got lucky with my daughter. She said she had no desire to waste time and money on 4-6 more years of high school. She joined the US Navy and became a nuke. Excellent training, a chance to see the world and serve her country on 2 long deployments to the middle east. She now has a great engineering job with spectacular paid benefits and money in the bank with no debt. How many college grads can say that?